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LegalShield is a company which gives a diverse range of products. Its core is based on prepaid legal services. It has been around for more than 30 years and got an A+ rating from BBB. The ugly truth is, this company is far from being the company that people are hoping for to make money. Most of the times, the service’s quality from the company’s legal providers are a miss or hit. And not to mention, their plan of the compensation makes it hard to make the real money. So, what are other things you should know about? Let’s check it out!

LegalShield in a Nutshell

The location of this multi-level marketing company is in Ada, Oklahoma. They claim to give affordable legal services and attorney access to consumers across more than 40 US states and several provinces in Canada for more than 30 years. This company has an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau or BBB despite getting more than 140 closed complaints in the last four years. Every service that LegalShield has is on a prepaid basis, and it is available for either small business or individuals.

The Product Line of LegalShield

The premise of LegalShield is that more than 50 million people in America are trying to win legal issue each year. Almost 50% of business also has the same problems related to legal events in the past three years. That’s why their main aim is to give their clients either small business or individuals with prepaid legal services from their attorneys’ network. LegalShield will provide legal assistance for a small monthly fee of memberships relation to:

  • Collection
  • Criminal
  • Landlord / Tenant
  • Traffic
  • Consurmer Finance
  • Estate Planning
  • Employment
  • Real Estate
  • Civil Litigation
  • Family Law

Three Plans of LegalShield

LegalShield also has three plans for its clients, including:

  • Personal Plans (individuals)
  • Small Business Plans
  • Identity Theft Plans

Personal Plan

This plan covers: 1) Family Matters including name change assistance, annulment, divorce, and adoption representation, 2) Auto including insurance claims, vehicular accidents, and violations of traffic, 3) Preparation of Document including Powers of Attorneys, loan documents, and Wills, 4) Consultation including in a form of trial defense, reviewing document, phone calls, and letters and also 5) IRS including auditing services and tax.

Identify Theft Plans

There are two types of identity theft plans. The first one is ID Premium, which includes the whole thing related to ID Plan, and just with SS number skips trace, triple credit monitoring, web watch, and others. The second one is ID Plan covers both of you and your partner for restoration services and single credit monitoring that you can discuss with the company’s legal service.

Small Business Plan

In this plan, it gives you legal consultation for diverse legal issues, including:

  • Landlord/tenant dispute
  • Debt collection
  • Trial defense services
  • Contract review and renewal

You can select from various add-ons for each plan. Each plan also has different prices from one another. You can view each plan and the detail price on one of the company’s presentations and their website too. Every month, you will be charged automatically from your bank account or credit card based on the plan you have selected. Whatever plan you have chosen, please remember that there will be additional cost around $10 as the enrolment fee for the first month.

The Way You Make Money with LegalShield

We divide three ways for you to choose in making money with LegalShield:

  1. Passive income through monthly fees or member retention
  2. Recruit new people and build a solid team. It is referred to as override or start-up
  3. Sell memberships and get individual commissions

The Steps to Join LegalShield

There are two simple ways for you to join LegalShield. The first one is simply a member. The second choice is by signing up as an associate. For the first choice, you won’t earn anything from LegalShield since you won’t be selling anything either. You just avail of the services of prepaid. When you go to the second choice, you will have monthly income and will be described as follows:

Prepaid plan cost at LegalShield

  • Personal Plans cost $19.95 every month
  • Small Business Plans has different cost depends on the needs of the business you have, and they also have customized plans
  • Identity Theft Plans have different costs based on the ID. For ID Premium, you need to pay $29.95 every month meanwhile ID Plan costs $14.95 every month.

You can also sign up as the company’s associate in order to sell and earn commissions by selling the memberships.

The First Option

The first option costs $99.00 with $20.00 additional cost in every month for Legal Shield Advantage as well as fees of state licensing. This cost includes:

  1. Help from local leaders, team, and sponsor
  2. Associate portal
  3. Associate perks
  4. Online training
  5. Support center
  6. Weekly newsletter

The Second Option

The second option costs $249.00, which covers everything from the first option as well as 12 months of Legal Shield Advantage that is worth $240 value. This second option is the same as paying your fee every month upfront for a year, and it takes $99 for the start-up fee.

The Compensation Plan at LegalShield

The total amount that you get based on your service or product that you are offering and selling. We will give you an example of that with $39.90 every month sale. There are seven basic levels that cover:

  1. Manager
  2. Director
  3. Associate
  4. Executive Director
  5. Senior Manager
  6. Senior Associate
  7. Senior Director

The way the compensation works is in an advance system. It means when an associate receives $39.90 every month on the sale of membership, he or she will be received $100.00 in advanced. Please remember that every upward and associate are charged back for cancellations of membership. When your progress upgrade from one level to another level, let say from Associate to Manager, your advances will get bigger too.

The Advantage of LegalShield

Here are the good sides of LegalShied that are worth to consider:

  • Diverse Legal Services Available
  • 24/7 Service of Emergency
  • Affordable Prices
  • Plan Choices
  • Experience
  • Mobile App
  • MLM Business Model

Diverse Legal Services Available

In this company, there will be a lot of types of legal advice for you. The customer can choose a suitable plan based on what he or she needs. It also offers some types of service and product, including divorce advice, identity theft protection, will preparation, real estate advice, speeding tickets, and many more.

A lot of consumers said that the customer service is excellent. You can call the Resource Center since it is available 24/7 which gives explanations and definitions for hard legal matters and legal topics. This company guaranteed that their customers would be easy in contacting the company’s lawyer whenever they face legal matters or need legal advisors. The clients will have a toll-free number to their Law Firm of Provider.

24/7 Service of Emergency

This company ensures that every customer will have ease to have access to the company’s legal service and forms at any time. That is why the associate of LegalShield will always be 24/7.


An attorney of LegalShield mostly has more than 17 years tenure in their law experiences and around 12 years as an associate in LegalShield. The attorney can surely assist every client with almost any law problem and those who need a lawyer. Every legal matter from a car accident to identity theft, your problem will have a way out with LegalShield.

Mobile App

The app of LegalShield can give easy access to customers to all of their files and related documents directly and instantly. The app gives customers anything related to the legal forms and the answers to all their questions.

MLM Business Model

As we stated before, LegalShield is a type of business in Multi-Level marketing. This type of business can be a great thing for anyone who looks for extra earning. Unfortunately, this type of business makes a lot of people scared. The way MLM business works in this company is to help decrease the fees for a legal partner and give rates that are competitive that other law firms can’t give.

MLM business means the customers of its services or products become the brand ambassadors. They can register for a membership, and they need to refer their relatives or friends to join the company in order to earn money. A lot of people are afraid of this type of business since the bad stigma that already spread. They are afraid of losing their money or just think MLM business is only a scheme of pyramid even though some of the cases, the bad stigma is true.

Since each client can also be an employee, the company really pays attention to every member more compare to its rival. Customers show their support clearly in many of reviews you usually see on the internet. The complaints addressed to LegalShield are often particular and only addressed to a certain moment or employee, not the whole company. The reviews of this company are quite excellent compared to many of online legal service market.

In a simple way, this type of business never requires you to sell the company’s products or services. You just need to invite your relatives and friends to join LegalShield by using their service. The plan of compensation is generally getting a portion of the service cost every month the person you invited is still a LegalShield’s member. This money you earn is called a residual income. The term for it is a glorified referral program. You as a customer there only reap the advantage each month rather than one time offer.

The Disadvantage of LegalShield

Even though there are many advantages that LegalShield have to offer, there are also disadvantages. There is no trial duration for potential customers that mostly can cause problems. There is usually missing knowledge related to essential legal matters and the availability and ability of LegalShield to handle the situation or case. The disadvantages are including:

  • No Free Trial
  • Enrollment Fee
  • No Filing

No Free Trial

This company doesn’t offer a free trial period currently to potential customers. It means they will not allow the potential customers to test the water before they are sure this company is the right one for them, especially to handle the legal matters they have.

Enrollment Fee

When you register for LegalShield, there will be a $10 one-time fee of enrollment. As a new member, you need to pay this cost, and you need to know that this is non-refundable.

No Filing

This company also doesn’t claim whether their law firms will be able to send the legal paper for their clients. But, the lawyers of LegalShield will give guidance on how to do it step by step.

The Conclusion

LegalShield is the right company for you if you want to save your money and also wish to have a private lawyer without paying an expensive rate per hour. As a member, you can pay a little amount of money around $20 every month to have access to their customer service, which is available 24/7. It will connect you to their law firm of the provider.

Talking about the service, it is good if you have short and simple legal questions or just need assistance in filling in legal forms. A lot of customers gave responses and reviews in a positive way. If you wish to have certain legal advice, legal assistance, or legal representations, this company is a suitable choice. You will not only have a private lawyer or advisor in anytime, but also you will be able to earn money once you refer people who need a legal lawyer too.

LegalShield is not a Scam but…

Even though LegalShield offers several legitimate products, it is not a scam form too. Unfortunately, this is not something we will recommend to you too. The first reason is that LegalShield is not different from those companies that have labeled “you get what you pay for.” You join in a prepaid discounted coverage of legal, so you can imagine the quality service from the providers’ network. It is proven by a lot of complaints address to them. You need to pay several amounts of the dollar in order to enjoy the best quality service. This is the way some of the legal services work.

The second reason is once you join this company to earn money, your time will be wasted. According to the income statement last year, there was only around $25 difference in monthly income between a senior associate and a new associate.

So, LegalShield is not really in our recommendation list of legal service even though it is not a scam too. Have you considered yourself in looking at this company?

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