Arbonne pyramid scheme – is arbonne pyramid scheme a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Arbonne pyramid scheme – is arbonne pyramid scheme a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Arbonne pyramid scheme is an accessible MLM Business in our society. More and more people join Arbonne every day. No one can deny that everybody needs steady income streaming. To get constant income streaming, you can do many different types of business out there that will help you to get the income you need.

Pyramid scheme, or sometimes we call it Multi-Level Marketing is a popular type of business that enables its members to receive steady monthly income streaming. I know that some people lost their trust in Multi-Level Marketing business. Some members of Multi-Level Marketing have difficulty to earn the money they deserve. There are many reasons why people fail with Multilevel marketing.

Many business experts believe that MLM businesses offer a great business opportunity for a member of society at any level. So, why some people still fail with MLM business? Most people fail with MLM business because they choose the wrong MLM Company. If you want to earn money from MLM business, you need to select the right MLM Company. In this case, you need to choose an experienced MLM Company that offers real product required by many people in our society. In another word, you should avoid new MLM Company that sell an unpopular product.  Today, we will discuss the Arbonne Pyramid scheme.

What should you know about Arbonne pyramid scheme?

Arbonne Pyramid Scheme is an accessible Multi-level marketing business created by very well-known MLM Company called Arbonne International LLC. This particular Company has more than 30 years experience in MLM business. Unlike other similar MLM company, Arbonne LLC sells real and popular product used by ordinary people on a daily bases. So, when you join Arbonne pyramid scheme, you will not have a high chance of selling a high-quality product to your friend and families

Arbonne LLC member who successfully sell Arbonne products, they will not only able to generate steady income but will also able to recruits new member easily. Just to let you know that Arbonne LLC was founded by Patter Morck 30 years ago in Norway. Arbonne LLC mainly sell healthcare and beauty product created from natural ingredients. Therefore, Arbonne LLC proudly claims as a green company that sells the real green product.  We can assure you that all Arbonne products are created from natural ingredient. There is no chemical substance added to the product. It’s mean you can use all Arbonne products safely.

Is Arbonne pyramid Scheme?

Before we discuss Arbonne business opportunity, we need to examine the legality of Arbonne company itself. You may wonder whether Arbonne LLC is legit or scam. Some people also want to know if Arbonne is rally pyramid scheme business. Here are detail explanations.

Arbonne is not a scam. It’s a legitimate company based in Norway. You can visit Arbonne headquarters at 9400 Geronimo Rd, Irvine, CA 926181.800 Arbonne.

Scam and bogus company doesn’t have a real business address as Arbonne LLC has. Arbonne is a direct selling company member of the direct selling association.

This particular company runs their business based on Direct Selling Association rule and regulation.

Is Arbonne is a pyramid scheme? To answer this question, we need to know the real definition of a pyramid scheme. A veritable pyramid scheme doesn’t have any actual product to sell. On the other hand, Arbonne sells genuine product. This particular company sells high-quality skin care product for all customers around the world.

Arbonne is a real and legitimate Multi-Level Marketing Company that enables its members to generate unlimited income. This direct selling company allows you to recruits, new members. The more members you have, the more profit you will receive. Arbonne pyramid scheme will enable you to generate the unlimited income you need. For further explanation about this business model, you can read my explanation below.

Arbonne Business opportunity

To support your lifestyle, you need to have a steady income. To generate a steady income, you can choose different types of business model available. For unlimited earning potential, you can select Arbonne pyramid scheme. We have mentioned earlier that Arbonne is a famous MLM Company that enables its members to generate unlimited income. This particular direct selling company sells skin care and other health care product. We all know that such products are prevalent in our society.

Skincare and other health care product is big business. The latest research indicates that more and more people spend their money on skin care and other health care product. Arbonne LLC is a direct selling company that sells high-quality health care product created from natural ingredients. The latest report shows that this particular company has more than 1 million reps around the world. This business generates more than 500 billion dollars in revenue every year. Arbonne pyramid scheme opens a new opportunity for people who want to get a steady income. If you’re going to become part of a profitable business, you need to join Arbonne LLC.

How Arbonne MLM work?

To become a member of Arbonne LLC, you need to enroll yourself. The new member of Arbonne LLC called Independent Consultant. To become an independent consultant, you need to buy a starter kit that will cost you $79. If you compare to other MLM starter kits, the Arbonne starter kits are relatively cheap. You need to pay this cost to make your business rolling. Independent consultant status enables you to sponsor people, earn a commission from selling products, etc. However, if you want to have more significant Arbonne business opportunity, you need to spend more money on it.

To maintain your Impendent Consultant status, you need to have 1200 PQV score per year. Additionally, if you want to qualify override and bonus payment, you need to maintain your PQV score at 150 every month. To stay at entry level (Independent consultant), you need to retain your PQV score at least 150 per months and 1200 per year. If you cannot achieve such a PQV score, you will lose your independent consultant status. Consequently, you will not be able to sponsor people and earn any commission. In this case, your situation is demoted to a preferred customer.

What is PQV, and how to calculate it?

When you and your member purchase any product, you will receive a PQV score. For an independent consultant, 1 PQV is equivalent to approximately 65 cents. However, there is no fix calculation as different product has different PQV score. So, base on my estimation, if you are not able to sell any product, you will need to spend of at least $ 780 per year to reach 1200 PQV and maintain your Independent consultant status. You need to spend more money if you want to keep your 150 PQV score (to eligible override and bonuses). This illustration is only applicable if you cannot sell any product at all. However, if you sell enough products to maintain your PQV score, you will not spend any penny except $79 for independent consultant qualification. So, what is the real cost to become an Independent consultant? In one year, Arbonne independent consultant needs to spend on the following expenses:

  • The joint fee will cost you $79.
  • The yearly renewal fee will cost you $30.
  • To keep your Independent consultant status, you need to spend approximately $780 per year equivalent to 1200 PQV. However, if you can sell enough products, you don’t need to pay such amount of money.
  • To receive override and bonuses, all Arbonne members need to maintain their monthly PQV score of 150. This equivalent to approximately $97, 50 per month. Again, this is applicable if you cannot sell any product for 12 months. If you can sell enough Arbonne product, you don’t need to spend a penny for 150 PQV required per month.

What I like most about Arbonne MLM Company

Just like other MLM company, people have a different view about Arbonne pyramid scheme. Most people said that Arbonne MLM Company offers a low-cost initial entry point. Unlike other MLM company, Arbonne LLC only ask the new member to pay $79 for independent consultant status. We have mentioned earlier that $79 is just beginning. If you want to maintain your independent consultant status, you need to sell enough products. If you are not able to sell enough products, you need to spend more money to maintain your Independent Consultant status.

Arbonne LLC is a reliable Multilevel Marketing Company that has less complain from its member and customer. This particular MLM Company also reveals its product ingredients. Showing product ingredient is a good sign of well-trusted MLM Company. Many MLM companies offer no transparency on their product. Customers are asked to trust their product blindly. Therefore, most MLM companies receive many complaints from their customers.

Unlike other MLM company, Arbonne LLC does not overhype member potential earning. They only show the real member potential earning. Therefore, Arbonne pyramid scheme makes great trust from society. However, just like any other big MLM company, there are a few downsides you should know before you join them.

What I don’t like most about Arbonne business model

Arbonne LLC is a big player in Multi Marketing business. However, just like other MLM business, they have a complicated and confusing compensation system. This is true especially, for compensation plan and maintaining your qualification. However, if you still can find other MLM business that offers a more complicated system than Arbonne LLC has. Arbonne LLC is legitimate and well-trusted multi-level marketing business that allows you to earn unlimited income. However, if you were interested in this particular MLM Company, you should learn their compensation system carefully. This is very crucial to avoid disappointment in the future.

Arbonne LLC offers expensive products. Indeed, skin care and other health care product are highly in demand in our society. However, if you sell a high price product, only a few people will able to buy your product. Arbonne LLC indeed offer high-quality skin care product. However, because of its high price, only a few people can afford it.

To qualify for Independent consultant, you need to maintain your PQV score. If you cannot sell any Arbonne product for a certain period, you need to spend a significant amount of money on maintaining your Independent consultant qualification. Otherwise, you will lose your status and lost your bonuses.

In Arbonne LLC, you are encouraged to chase your family and friend to become member Arbonne LLC or to buy its products. Very often, you will not work. Remember the Arbonne products are relatively expensive.

You cannot promote Arbonne product on the internet. Arbonne LLC has a strict rule on how to improve their product; since it is direct selling, you are not allowed to promote Arbonne product on the internet. We all know that we are living in the digital era. Internet is a great place to sell any product and service. If you cannot promote your product online, you lose a significant number of new member and profit.

We have mentioned earlier that Arbonne LLC encourages you to chase your family and friend to buy your product. In the beginning, it’s great fun to educate your family and friend with a new product. However, after some time, you will realize that most of your family and friend are not interested in your product because of its high price.


Arbonne LLC is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing Company that offers high-quality skincare product. This particular MML Company enables its members to generate an unlimited amount of profit. Many people out there who earn a steady income from Arbonne LLC. However, before you join Arbonne LLC, you need to study the system carefully. Just to let you know that selling Arbonne skin care product is not easy. You need to work hard to sell Arbonne expensive product.

Most people need to get a steady income to support their family. There is a different business model out there that enable you to generate regular income streaming, and Arbonne pyramid scheme is only one of them. If you can sell much Arbonne skin care product, you will be able to gain profit quickly. It is your decision whether you should join Arbonne LLC or look for another business model to fit your individual need.

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