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Nowadays, joining an MLM program is so easy because you can find it on the internet. There are so many companies which provide MLM program with various products and service. One of which is Ambit energy. Are you looking for an Ambit Energy review to know whether Ambit energy is a scam or legit? This is really important to know just in case you are willing to join Ambit Energy MLM program. You need to find out the reasons why Ambit Energy is an excellent choice for business. Through this Ambit Energy review, we would like to share with you all about Ambit Energy to know if it is a scam or a legit.

What is actually Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is a company name which provides MLM program on electricity and gas. The presence of the Ambit Energy aims to give an enormous energy to the US people. Today, Ambit Energy company has been providing power and natural gas across the 17 states within the US.  Ambit Energy provides some services and products including Commercial Services, Green-E Energy and Ambit Energy, and Solar Savings.

Is Ambit Energy a good company?

Somehow, you want to get an excellent service from Ambit Energy, but Ambit Energy still gets so many complaints from its customers. In general, Ambit Energy is a good company that provides extraordinary services and products. In a particular case, some so many people still do not feel satisfied with Ambit Energy products. Commonly, the customers complain about the product itself as well as the billing system.

How to earn profit from Ambit Energy?

Now, you wonder how to make money with the Ambit Energy because it is a kind of legit MLM which may be the right choice for business. Perhaps, you are interested in cheaper energy that is provided by the company, but you should know how you can get some profit from the MLM program. There are three ways to earn money with Ambit Energy.

Firstly, you can invite or persuade some people who currently use different energy companies to Ambit Energy services. Secondly, you can join the MLM program by recruiting some people who would be a part of a business opportunity where you can earn profit from the percentage. Thirdly, You will get more benefit as your members also recruit some people to join the business opportunity.

Well, the Ambit Energy may be the right choice for MLM program which allows you to recruit more and more people to join the program. As you get more people, you have a chance to gain your profit from the growth downline. Somehow, it is not an easy thing to recruit people because you have to invite them to join it and tell the good things about Ambit Energy.

How to join Ambit Energy?

Anyway, if you want to join Ambit Energy, you need to prepare some money to buy the products. It is not a monthly-fee system, but you only have to pay it once. The cost of the Ambit Energy is about $429, but you can save up to $75 if you join it right now. Even though you only need to pay a one-time fee, you still have to pay a monthly fee as much as $24.95 per month for the maintenances of your website. It is undeniable that Ambit Energy is quite expensive to afford.

Still, you would like to know the Ambit Energy compensation plan just in case you want to know more about the business opportunity with the Ambit Energy. Before you check the compensation plan, you may need to know more about the benefits of joining Ambit Energy including the chance to earn free energy in which you can get this bonus after you recruit as many as 15 people to join the Ambit Energy and buy the products and the Travel reward that you can get this bonus after referring some customers so you will get free trips from the Ambit Energy.

What are the best ways to earn money through Ambit Energy? We do not need to go into much details with the compensation plan of Ambit Energy. Somehow, you need to know three important ways to earn money from Ambit Energy.

1.    Customer and Team Bonuses

When you join the Ambit Energy MLM program and get started with customer recruitment, then you will immediately earn a weekly bonus. In this case, you have a chance to get $100 for four customer points if you recruit some people while you also sponsor others for the same action. , you can ask the people to sign up for the Ambit Energy program, or you ask them to a Personal website package. Next, you will get the opportunity to earn $100 to help other people to join Ambit Energy.

2.    Residual Commission

There is also a chance to make money from Ambit Energy through the Residual Commission. Somehow, the money you will get from the residual commission depends on the market that you operate in the United States. , you can build a six-level of the downline network where you may get some commissions according to the activity of your downline’s customers. In short, you will get some money or profit as your members also earn money.

3.    Leadership Bonuses

The third way to make some profit from Ambit Energy is from the leadership bonuses. You can only receive this bonus just in case you can get some new marketing consultants while they also get four customers points in the first four weeks. Besides, you will also earn some bonus from your Marketing consultant customers in your downline network. You may also receive a leadership bonus when your customers conduct some activities, and it also depends on your level in the network. When you get so many active downlines, you will earn bigger leadership bonuses.

What are the bad things about Ambit Energy?

Somehow, there are so many bonuses which you will earn from the Ambit Energy MLM program. But, there are a few things which probably make you feel disappointed with this program. Here are some ugly truths about Ambit Energy.

1.    It offers a bad compensation plan

When you are asked to join Ambit Energy, you may not feel interested in the compensation plan. In short, we would tell you that it is not easy to make money with Ambit Energy due to some reasons. For instance, you will not get a lot of income from residual payment except you can recruit so many people to join Ambit Energy. Then, there is not enough information about the compensation plan, so you have no idea the average rates. Next, there is no such free energy because the company still takes money from the people.

2.    No Income Disclosure Statement

When you join an MLM program, you have to make sure that the company has to be transparent about the income that you may get. If you choose the Ambit Energy for MLM, you may not see the income disclosure statement as it also has a lousy compensation plan. So, you have no idea how much money you will earn from the MLM program.

3.    It does not cover worldwide

If you want to get energy worldwide, then the Ambit Energy is not the right choice because it only works in the US. Currently, this Ambit Energy only covers 17 areas within the United States. So, there is no chance to get people outside the areas.

4.    Ambit Energy has so many complaints

What makes you feel disappointed with Ambit Energy is customer complaints. It is undeniable that Ambit Energy is not the best choice if you want to get some energy from gas and electricity because of some of the users even complaints about the products. There are about 600 complaints related to the products and the cost. The complaints make you think twice before choosing Ambit Energy.

5.    It counts on too much on recruitment

If you want to earn some income with Ambit Energy, then you have to recruit and recruit more. Well, the recruitment is the key to the success of your Ambit Energy MLM. Somehow, you are not alone because there are so many people who also join the Ambit Energy MLM program. So, it may get challenging to recruit so many people due to many competitors.

What are the good things about Ambit Energy?

Maybe, you find that Ambit Energy still has some drawbacks which can make you disappointed. But, you still have to consider the advantages of choosing Ambit Energy. Anyway, What are the benefits of Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is quite cheap

It is known that Ambit Energy offers a quite affordable rate which is no longer $429, but today you can pay it for only $75 to join. So, this can be an excellent way to attract more people to join this program. But, this rate may be temporary, and you need to visit their official website to know it more in details.

Ambit Energy offers renewable energy

If you are looking for a company that provides renewable energy, Ambit Energy must get our appreciation because it offers authentic renewable energy for the community. It provides gas and electricity, which are very important for human life. So, it may be easy to sell Ambit Energy products to the community.

Ambit Energy sells the important needs

The only product that Ambit Energy provides is energy, which is very important for every human being. Somehow, this can be an easy way to sell the business because it allows for electricity and gas. Unfortunately, their service is only available for certain areas within the US.

Is Ambit Energy a scam or legit?

Now, we finally come to the final question to know whether Ambit Energy is a scam or a legit. Of course, Ambit Energy is legit, and it is not a scam at all. Somehow, Ambit Energy is not the best MLL company, but it may be a good choice if you have no idea to choose an MLM company. One thing that makes Ambit Energy become a right choice is due to the product provided. Ambit Energy provides a product which everybody needs. It is an excellent product for life. Moreover, it is not difficult to understand the compensation plan for the MLM program.

Though Ambit Energy offers MLM program, it still has no transparency in term of commission which you may get after joining the program. It makes people doubt to join this company and makes you difficult to find customers. It also gives us an opinion that all of the Ambit Energy consultants are apparently not earning money from this company. Also, some so many people complain about the product and service. So, would we recommend Ambit Energy for your MLM company? We actually cannot make sure that Ambit Energy is an excellent choice for earning money with a multi-level marketing program.

In summary, that’s all about Ambit Energy review just in case you want to know if Ambit Energy is a scam or legit. We can say that Ambit Energy is not a scam, but it is not a good one for MLM to earn money. Still, some so many people have been joining Ambit Energy despite some of these people complain about the service and products. Now, it is your decision whether you would like to choose Ambit Energy or other companies. We do not say that Ambit Energy is the best choice, but it can be a good option if you do not have any alternatives. Somehow, you can find so many other MLM companies that offer better rates, commission, benefits, and products. When you join an MLM company, you have to show your effort and act optimally to earn more income.

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