Beautycounter Review: Is Beautycounter review a Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Beautycounter Review: Is Beautycounter review a Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

The modern world presents numerous type of selling methods. One of the popular selling methods is the MLM or network marketing method. There are nearly as many companies and brands that try to sell their products through a network marketing method. No wonder is MLM schemes pop up everywhere even through the internet.

Speaking of MLM Company, many people always ask whether it is legit or scam. MLM companies still have both good and bad sides. We all know that the internet is fantastic, and it never sleeps. So, there is always abundance opportunity and many ways to earn money from the comfort of home. Even though it sounds beautiful, scam artists are everywhere in this virtual world. They always look for a way to take your money by promising awesome stuff that they never intend to send on. That is why it is still essential to read reviews before joining an MLM company.

In this MLM world, Beautycounter receives a lot of attention on the web. There is so much hype among network marketers who are trying to sell the opportunity all over the internet, including over social media. The question about this MLM Company is whether it is legit or scam.

If you are thinking of buying or joining their marketing system, it is a good thing to read Beautycounter review first. And yes, you are doing your homework diligently, and it is always a wise thing.

Beautycounter is a common MLM-company which target business-minded ladies. Like you can expect from this kind of company, Beautycounter products are quite pricey, but it has a kind value. Similar to any MLM marketing method, success with Beautycounter takes time and dedication.

What is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter is an MLM company which concentrating on selling skincare and makeup products. There are wide ranges of makeup and skincare in their beauty lines, such as lipstick, eyeshadow, sunscreen, creams, and many more. Beautycounter predominantly targets business women and buyers to their beauty products,

The company, founded by Greg Renfrew in 2013, takes the non-traditional retail route to market its products and uses the network marketing business structure to distribute and sell the products. Similar to the common MLM type of business, you can buy the products only or hop on board and becomes the distributor to be able to sell the products.

To this date, Beautycounter already has more than 100 beauty products of both makeup and skincare. Plus, there are more than 25,000 active distributors who sell, buy and promote the product of Beautycounter. To this point, the Beautycounter MLM Company can be compared to companies such as Avon or Mary Kay, to name a few.

Beautycounter is created to provide high quality and luxurious beauty products, which only uses natural and organic ingredients combined with synthetic ingredients. All have been proven to be safe and have numerous benefits for the users. Plus, the company also provides the customer with a business opportunity to sell and distribute the products independently.

What are the products of the beauty counter?

Beautycounter does not try to win the competition by bringing the ‘all-natural’ ingredients. However, the company claims that its product uses more than 80% ingredients of organic and natural and plant-derived ingredients.

There are lots of beauty product ranges in Beautycounter line. But in general, there are four main product classifications, which are skincare, makeup, bath and body, and family. Under the main categories, you can find lots of subcategories with several products. In general, the three top types are mainly targeted at women, and the last category suits more for babies and children.

Beautycounter business opportunity

Moving to the Beautycounter business opportunity, once you decide to join the board, there is some starter kit to choose. There two ways to earn money from Beautycounter which are through direct sales and recruitment.

If you start the business by selling products to others, you will make around 25% and 35% of the profit from the retail price. But if you buy the product for personal use, you will get them at 25% to 35% profit form the retail price.

To get started as Beautycounter consultant, you will need to pay for some of these things:

  • Enrolment fee for $85. (Paying the enrolment fee will get you a personalized website, access to a training platform, and supportive back office. However, the enrolment fee does not include the Beautycounter products. Moreover, $10 of the $85 enrolment fee will go forward charity of your choice when signing up.
  • The product packages are available at various prices starting from $218 for skin care classic package, $419 for ultimate face collection package, and $723 for ultimate head-to-toe collection package. You will be required to buy one out of 3 cosmetics packages as a start-up package.
  • The yearly renewal fee is $50 to make you remain as a consultant.

Joining as Beautycounter consultant is simple; you can enroll and buy one of the beauty packages. If you need to stand a chance of making enough money, you will need to recruit downline or team and advance your selling. This will also help you advance up the ranking ladder quicker.

Product selling takes place both through direct sales and through personal websites. You can also join hosting parties at the local market to be able to sell more products. There are numerous ways to sell the products and become genuinely successful within the Beautycounter Company.

Beautycounter compensation plan

The Beautycounter compensation plan starts at the affiliate level. Affiliates can earn money or commission through selling products and recruit more people and get them to become active affiliates within the company.

If you start an affiliate, you will earn 25% of commission for all sales that you perform. Over time as you progress through the various rank of in the company, you will receive as much as 35% of commission for the sales. The leverage of the rank in the company strongly depends on increasing overall sales that you perform. The rank will increase when your sales and downline or team sells more products.

To remain an active consultant, you will need to achieve the company’s requirements of 1,200 QV for every six months. In simple, the more you recruit and sell the higher commission and more bonuses that you will receive.

Beautycounter income disclosure statement

Most MLM companies usually include income disclosure statements, so people can see the average monthly and yearly earnings when joining as a consultant. MLM companies should consist of this kind of documents on the websites, so everyone will be able to see it.

However, for some reason, Beautycounter does not provide the income disclosure statement. So, it is difficult to count the monthly or yearly income. But you can contact the representative or customer service and speak to them directly.

In times when you do not meet the sales requirement, usually within six months or other designed period, you will get the ‘Band of Beauty Member status.’ This status will automatically strip the consultant position as well as potential commission.

Beautycounter marketing target

The beauty industry is a high-demanded field in present days. Men, women, and even children use beauty products daily. Among the fast-changing beauty industry with various brands, managing to sell a certain amount of Beautycounter products is genuinely challenging.

To anticipate sales competition, the Beautycounter brings up the natural and organic beauty products line. This is because more and more people are looking for the natural beauty product which frees from harmful ingredients. Even though Beautycounter not yet using 100% natural ingredients, but at least they ban or limit the potentially harmful additives. The company put the products to rigorous testing to ensure that the products are 100% safe and void from harmful additives.

Is beauty counter a pyramid scheme or MLM?

Beautycounter likes to call their selling methods as direct sales. However, looking at the commission structure, you will agree that Beautycounter is MLM. This is not something terrible, but it does test your recruiting and selling ability as a consultant.

Most MLM employs the compensation plan structure, which in general resembles the pyramid format. It is a common thing is this kind of business is usually accused of being illegal pyramid schemes even though not all MLM practice is illegal.

The illegal pyramid schemes are recognized when the company does not have products to be sold and bought. In some cases, the products may not have a decent value attached to it. The illegal operations mostly rely on recruitment for the flow of funds. This means without recruiting new members, in which they need to invest their money into the scheme, the previous member and company will not make money.

In this case, Beautycounter has loads of products with high value. So, the primary income for the consultant and company does not mainly rely on recruitment only. You will still receive a commission for you can sell the Beautycounter.

Beautycounter pros and cons

Every MLM companies have their advantages and disadvantages, so does the Beautycounter. You can easily find Beautycounter review all over the web as well as shared success stories as their consultants. However, in general, here are some pros and cons of Beautycounter.


  • The products are high in quality. The company claims that they use more than 80% of natural and organic ingredients to provide safety for the users.
  • The company also provide personal consultant across the world that are ready to help you decide the best skin care.


  • Similar to other MLM companies, the products are slightly overpriced than different makeup and skincare products, which are non-MLM. But you can expect the high quality and emphasis on safety and health.


Beautycounter reputation

Beautycounter and their products are currently to have reasonably mixed reviews. Most people are enthusiastic about the natural and botanical approach for the beauty product. However, the biggest drawback when using the natural and organic product, or any other beauty product, is the common allergens. Due to this fact, many Beautycounter reviews on the web is about allergic reaction complains.

From the business side, it is kind of difficult to evaluate the business opportunity as there are plenty of similar beauty products available at a lower price. When you join with Beautycounter as a consultant, you need to carefully find the opportunity by assessing the basic needs of the customers.


Beautycounter offers pretty solid business if you are thinking of signing up. The company has a wide range of products line to sell in which all products are made of very high quality. The beauty products may set on the higher end of the beauty industry and selling the product to people who willing to spend more money on organic products can be a bit challenging. However, the MLM business, including Beautycounter, is not the job for lazy people. So, with the right method and personality, you will be still able to sell more and probably recruit some downlines.

Besides the marketing opportunity, the compensation plan in the company is also pretty easy to understand with the clear push toward retail sales. Another advantage of Beautycounter is the company has not been around for a long time, so there are not much distributors out there that try promoting and selling it. This gives you more chance to sell more products, recruit more people, and achieve a higher rank in the company.

If you have time to sell Beautycounter product door-to-door, you can make the right amount of money. But if you decide to go online, you will need a website with a high rank on Google. So when people look for Beautycounter, your website will appear in the first rank and catch their attention. Beautycounter indeed offers a site on the first sign up, but you will need your professional website to be able to sell the products professionally.

Overall, Beautycounter is not a scam. It is a legit MLM company with a standard marketing method. Is it worth to try? Please buy the product and try the product first. Then, you can decide whether it is worth your time to join the MLM company or not.



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