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Online shopping for clothing items is becoming more and more popular over the years.  Why not shop online for your favorite clothes you see over the internet?  It is one-stop shopping and easy to do.  Pick an item or more, proceed to cart and pay online via debit or credit card.  Most online clothing companies have shipping policy done and is reliable.  You will get your purchased items at your own home as ordered and on schedule.

Hence, when you love shopping for clothes online and thinking of making money out of it, go ahead and do it.  A lot of people worldwide is selling clothes online, primarily through social media.  And yes, help to sell clothes from your preferred clothing company.  This is called MLM business or Multilevel Marketing business.  Online resellers, or also known as online consultants, make money by selling clothes online.

At LuLaRoe, for instance, the company allows the business to make money online for fashion consultants or retailers.  Not only online one on one selling, but LuLaRoe also provides a unique way of online shopping through Pop-up Boutiques.  Here, consultants also make money by selling LuLaRoe’s products through home parties in their very own house with their friends and family.

More on Lularoe.com

In 2013, a fashion designer, DeAnne Stidham and her husband Mark founded LuLaRoe in Corona, California.  The company started a home-based fashion collection, growing out to the next level.  The company’s mission was “to create freedom, serve others, and strengthen families through fashion. It’s a community where lives are being improved through love, purpose, confidence, trust & growth.”

Their collections encompass women’s, men’s, and kids apparels.  As the company grows bigger, in 2016, LuLaRoe was reported to achieve US$1 billion in sales, more or less.  While in 2017, about 80,000 by independent consultants were reported retailing the company’s clothing.

Most of LuLaRoe’s fashion consultants sell their products directly on social media, famously on Facebook.  All products are in style and set the trend in today’s fashion style.  From leggings, dresses, T-shirts and many more, to the sizes of all ranges, are available.  Colorful clothing and trendy leggings seem to be their very best fashion items.

Not only does the company sell fashionable clothing lines for all, but they also expand their marketing strategy through creative selling.  LuLaRoe’s business opportunity is open online.  Host parties, Pop-up Boutiques, as well as MLM marketing are available to sign-up for.

Business Opportunities at LuLaRoe

Let’s discover more in-depth about LuLaRoe.  At LuLaRoe.com, you can find out how to be a member of the company and how to make money as their fashion consultant.  To keep it short, LuLaRoe is a company that opens a business opportunity for everyone and involves people from all around the world.  They can work from home and connect with friends and family.

“I believe in you. You can do it.”  These are the two main business principles of LuLaRoe.  Fashion consultants should be active to sell more products.  If you like to socialize or, you are a fun and creative person, host parties should be right for you.  Hosting Pop-up Boutiques and parties for your friends and relatives is the way it works.  This is the chance you sell the company’s clothing lines and get your bonus.  Next, is through MLM.

The way a LuLaRoe consultant does MLM marketing is by purchasing the inventory of clothing and marketing materials.  However, they are required to buy between the amount of $4,000 and $9,000 (in 2017) from the company’s wholesale.  Hence, around $20,000 worth of purchase inventory must be kept by each fashion consultant.  Such a big number, but is it worth it?

Talking about compensation, of course, consultants will receive payment at the end of the month.  Under LuLaRoe’s compensation plan, fashion consultants will receive a commission in 3 ways.  First, it is through 35%-50% of gross sales.  Second, staying active as a consultant and required to sell 33 items of clothing every month.  Finally, a 3% bonus when recruiting other people to join the company.

So, everything seems interesting at LuLaRoe, but in the long run, can there be a misconception?  Still interested in becoming a member of LuLaRoe’s consultant?  Let’s dig more and see what others think of the company.

MLM Review on LuLaRoe

Online MLM reviews on LuLaRoe are beyond your expectation.  After reading their mission and business opportunity, you might think things will go as planned and more money will come your way.  As good as it seems discovers the facts of LuLaRoe’s MLM entrepreneurial program is a rip off according to many.  The MLM reviews from consultants and buyers are as follows:

  • Consultants either had to manage gain or loss on sales and inventory. Others, in the end, had to lose a lot of money and personal expenses.  Hence, some quit and head on to a different MLM opportunity.
  • In 2016, about 72% of LuLaRoe fashion consultants did not earn anything in a year. With the 33 required number of clothing items must sell-off can be a rip-off.  Also, an average of $2,000 worth of commissions annually was given to potential consultants only.
  • Inventory items are overloading. Consultants say their profits from retailing are used up for inventory to keep selling.  At least 33 items in a month must sell out to the public for getting compensation.
  • Fabric complaints from customers are a bit shocking. Most say the fabrics are torn off after hours of wearing.  Poor materials are useless, and some cannot be fixed or sewn up.
  • Poor company and business rating is another negative review. Overall, F-rating was given to LuLaRoe.  Mostly because of the number of complaints over the years.
  • Overpriced business costs also become crucial. LuLaRoe MLM’s business opportunity somehow makes it harder for fashion consultants to meet the company’s expectations.  The retail prices for clothing items are expensive.  They cost from $5,000-$7,000 needs to be purchased for inventory.  Otherwise, they are not qualified for bonus and commissions.

Is LuLaRoe a Scam or Legit?

Moving along to the company’s numerous complaints and lawsuits makes LuLaRoe a scam in public opinion. Many factors lead to LuLaRoe scam a truth.  So, is LuLaRoe a scam or legit?

All the negative reviews mentioned above does not consider LuLaRoe a scam.  Perhaps, MLM marketing strategy causes the company to have such complaints.  Overall, their fashion collections are still trendy, and people are still buying them.  The company still runs and producing more clothes that are sold at the mall and not via MLM or online marketing.

Some people are just not suitable for the job doing MLM at LuLaRoe.  Different people have different vibes and values, and not all are suited for a specific type of job.

The company itself is not a scam

So, when they say LuLaRoe scam is a real scam, well, think again.  The company itself is not a scam.  The rumors are coming from the words of MLM consultants and customers.  There are thousands of consultants out there reselling the company’s clothing lines.  Makes the MLM marketing a mess.  Hence, they were just too many to handle at the same time.  With complaints, shipping, new orders, etc. can become confusing.  At this point, things at LuLaRoe can be out of hand.

On Instagram, for instance, people are still following LuLaRoe.  Again, the way you see the company, will you review them differently than others.  It is the vision and value from one’s perspective changes what you see in the company now.  For instance, buying LuLaRoe’s clothing items at the mall can be different when purchasing them online.  You cannot see directly what you buy online.  Or, one consultant works differently than other consultant results in different income.

Hence, the company’s business opportunity system should be changed and improved.  Poor management and MLM skills also need to be improved.  Perhaps, the company should train their consultants once in a while.  Having once a month meeting or keeping in touch via email or video chat will help with the issue.  To do so, consultants will understand more about the company and knowing new trends of the company’s clothing lines.

More on LuLaRoe scam, social media and publicity play a role.  Some say over social media, LuLaRoe brings them great experiences in terms of partnership and meeting new people.  It is life-changing, according to some.  To others, the company is a scam.  Just like what mentioned earlier, LuLaRoe has a poor rating, expensive costs, and many more.

Just because of poor ratings and poor quality of materials, does not make LuLaRoe a scam.  Think more than that.  The company has other good qualities to consider.  Their mission was to serve others and strengthen relationships.  That is legit and no scam at all.

Good things about LuLaRoe

Besides all the negativity, let’s give LuLaRoe a break and think of their positivity.  We now know the downsides of the company, and we should bring out more of their right sides.  Plus, there are people still believing in LuLaRoe.  Why shouldn’t you?

  • Entrepreneur based experience— Being the boss of your own, at your own space and time, you can get by being a member at LuLaRoe. It is a business you need to be well focused and oriented while making a profit at the same time.
  • Selling items through social networking— This is a great way to meet new people. Social networks are significant when it comes to retailing.  Your products get there quick and simple.  Plus, fashion consultants at LuLaRoe can host parties for Pop-up Boutiques for their friends and family.
  • The fashion lines— No need to worry about being old-fashioned. With LuLaRoe’s clothing items, everyone can be trendy.  It’s one-stop shopping for women, men, and kids.  Size ranges from XXS to 3XL, and all types of colored fabrics are available.
  • Sustainable clothing lines— LuLaRoe is also about protecting the environment and all human beings. By doing sustainable fashion, they are involving all sectors of the recycling factories and help reduce pollution.
  • Gives back for charity purposes— LuLaRoe has held fundraising programs to help support those in need. Over $7 million was donated to philanthropic organizations in the U.S.  The company also helps provide fundraising programs for independent fashion retailers.

Several points to conclude

For all the ups and downs regarding LuLaRoe, there are several points to complete.  You may want to avoid the company’s MLM marketing strategy if you are not up for it.  Time and conscientious is a must for doing this job.  Not everyone is suited for this type of job.  Being active also required as an MLM consultant.  Getting more clothing items out of the inventory is crucial for getting a commission.

Another negative review about the company is the clothing malfunction.  Most customers purchased their clothing items through fashion consultants online.  Hence, the materials are torn and a disappointment to many customers.

LuLaRoe is not a scam

On the contrary, LuLaRoe is not a scam.  The company also has ethical values to offer.  They were just in a bad place at the wrong time.  Issues with publicity and social media brought them down.  Still, they were able to continue slowly.  Hence, patterned style leggings are still famous at LuLaRoe.

In the meantime, this is what happens to the most well-known companies in the world. Especially in the world of fashion.  Getting many complaints from retailers and buyers will affect the company hard.  However, it is essential to know LuLaRoe is a severe company with a valuable mission.  Just the business opportunity that involves thousands of retailers messing up the system.

Again, LuLaRoe is a legitimate company with oriented vision and mission.  Their business opportunity policies should be changed and require a more advanced approach.  So, is LuLaRoe a scam or legit?  Depends on the way you visualize the company.

Doing business with LuLaRoe can be a good start.  The complaints from resellers and customers will be addressed right away.  You need to work hard to meet your expectations.

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