Digital Altitude – is Digital Altitude a Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Digital Altitude – is Digital Altitude a Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Many people have raised a lot of questions related to digital altitude. Many of them wonder whether Digital Altitude is a safe program or not. So, today, we are going to give you a review of this program before you start joining it.

Promising Ads

The promise that you usually hear about Digital Altitude is sometimes about an enormous amount of wealth you’ll get. It is usually said, “In just a couple of hours, you will get $9,000 once you are entering our program. There will be a lot of drug cartels who want to win over that a lot of cash too!” Of course, that kind of statement can blow your mind away, but it is hilarious since the ads are so exaggerating.

The Review Summary of Digital Altitude

Here is the information about Digital Altitude you need to know:

Name of the Product: Digital Altitude

Type of product: Online Business Training

Price: For the trial is $1 and after that $37 every month as well as a lot of up-sells

The Creator: Michael Force

Rating: 25/100

Best for No-one

Summary: This program is another form of online business training course. But, they advertise themselves as an affiliate training program related to marketing.

Important Note: Actually, you shouldn’t buy rights of franchise or products if you want to sell them through affiliate marketing. One of the characteristics of a scam is that you have to buy the buying rights to sell the products. This is a goal to promote Digital Altitude’s products instead of valuing the training to help you build your very own online business. It is a scam. Doesn’t it sound familiar for you?

So, you shouldn’t give any chance for this program to help you grow in online business, especially in marketing. This program has pricey internet marketing products. You will also have a lot of pressure sales. If you want to learn about promoting an affiliate product, there are some programs of internet marketing training you can trust which will show you how to do it. And they come at such an affordable price.

Digital Altitude in a Nutshell

Now, let’s breakdown what Digital Altitude is. Digital Altitude is like any other online course of business training. It has a goal, which is affiliate marketing. The product is more or less in the form of the platform, but online that gives access to members to promote and sell additional affiliate products. You will have some training materials once you sign-up for the trial version.

The training material will show you how to succeed in online business activity. The material contains beneficial advice, but it leads you to an attempting promise. You will feel more support to join the program further. After that, once you are in the area of the member, you can either go to promoting their products or have more free training. Promoting their products is what you are supposed to do to make a lot of money. You will use the platform to promote and sell their products as an affiliate.

Many products should be promoted. Unfortunately, every product has an expensive price tag. Even though the price is costly, you shouldn’t think about the high commission you will get since there is no promise saying about it.

The Products of Digital Altitude and What You Promote

There are six main products of Digital Altitude. They should be the products you promote as an affiliate. Those products are including:

  • APEX
  • BASE
  • PEAK
  • RISE

If you pay attention to all products, they should help take your online business higher, especially APEX product since it has more popularity to boost your business too. But, you need to remember that the higher you climb, the more expensive the product is. As an entry-level product, they will recommend you with the ASPIRE product. After you sign-up yourself with $1 as a trial, you need to pay $37 every month afterward.

Talking about the Membership

There will be more than ten lessons consist of different topics and categories if you are a member. In the first few topics, you will learn about networking. The topics will show you how to look for networking events or build your own. There are also some lessons that teach you how to get traffic using the techniques of social media marketing for free.

Overall, the lessons and knowledge you get in this program are all beneficial, especially if you only join the $1 trial. Even though they seem familiar information, but beginners will find them useful. The thing that you need to know is that the training is more about affiliate marketing through the platform of the program.

Digital Altitude is not really about Building Your Own Business

A lot of marketing experts say the most profitable path to make more money when you are an affiliate marketer is via the site that you build your own. Even though the lessons about networking can be beneficial in the beginning, they only focus on building a team within the program itself. One of the examples is taking opportunities for traditional multi-level marketing.

More Information about the Products

So, is there anything else you need to know about the other product? The answer is yes! A lot of people remain on the ASPIRE level since it is considered as the main product. Meanwhile, the next level after that is BASE. You need to pay a flat-flee at around $590. In this level, it has several topics like having a subscription based on the websites of membership. And for your information, a subscription that is based on platforms is famous for its huge amount of income! But the problem is creating a product, or a course which has value and encourages people to buy is not an easy task. Fortunately, the training of the BASE level tries to show you the basic things you should have to build a site for membership. But don’t expect the steps you should follow to do it will exist in the training because there isn’t any guidance for you to make a website. Instead of the steps, they give you a lot of business rule and motivational videos, which can be quite dull. We think that the product and the training will be so much better if they include the detail steps that you need to make a site membership. So, don’t hope to find an exercise that is related to any product creation or website design.

Digital Altitude Courses and Designated Prices

If you want to know about each course along with its price, here is the list (we don’t make the prices up!):

  • APEX Full Day Workshop for $27,997
  • PEAK 5 Days Workshop for $16,997
  • ASCEND 3 Days Workshop for $9,997
  • RISE for $1997

The other thing that is worth to know is when you purchase a membership; the all levels below it will be all accessible. So, let say you are buying the full workshop from APEX, after that all the access below APEX like ASCEND and RISE will be accessible.

Digital Altitude with Affiliate Commissions

There is a 60% rate of commission for almost every product to affiliates. But that offer doesn’t apply for ASPIRE. There is also a rate of re-occurring commission, which is 40% for the levels of membership every month. Honestly, the rate is not that bad, especially looking at the price of every course. Can you imagine that 60% of $9,997? It is $5,998. It is a lot of cash and a possible way to get more. The money you get is also not that bad even though you can make a sale in a month. But, based on own experience, it was a difficult time to promote products with such a high price that affected confidence and doubt. People will think twice to spend their thousands of dollars to join in courses. So, even though the commission rate is pretty high, it will not be that easy to receive it.

Besides, the way to make money with Digital Altitude, the members must be their affiliate to promote their products. The most popular product to promote is the membership of RISE. But, do you want to purchase the basic knowledge for $1,997? Think again.

Pros and Cons

The Advantage

Even though many people’s opinion about this platform works the same way as a scam, there are still a few advantages. The first advantage is this platform has clear guidance for members of how to start to be a member and affiliate. Each member also has a coach who is very helpful for newbies. There are lessons which show members about the skills of social media marketing like how to run a campaign on Facebook. It is an excellent knowledge for members to be applied to their own online business.

The second advantage is the lessons or courses are pretty much easy to follow and decent. Even though a lot of people seem to disagree that Digital Altitude is profitable and only rob your money, few real people are successful in making a lot of money with this platform. It is a different case for a few people. Healthily, a scheme of the pyramid is profitable only for the top percent members who are very few. Let see how long this platform can survive and how many people are successful growing with it.

The Disadvantage

Now, let’s talk about its disadvantages. Here is the list of the wrong sides of Digital Altitude that can be your considerations before you start taking action:

  • This platform suits for only newbies
  • Incredibly expensive
  • The training courses appear to be a copy of MTTB or My Top Tier Business
  • The used system is the same as a pyramid scheme and an MLM
  • You can receive the commissions on the products which you have bought the license
  • You need to pay a lot of money to be an affiliate
  • The only path to make cash is to promote the products of the platform

The Things that You Don’t Know about Digital Altitude

So, what do you think about the insights we give you about the system of this platform? If you believe it is not enough, we will provide you with the insider secrets related to DA.

  1. DA has a lot of common to MOBE or My Online Business Empire and MTTB or My Top Tier Business. DA has charged for copyright infringement since MOBE filed a lawsuit against it.
  2. DA also has a lot of similarities to the SFM or Six Figure Mentors. Some of the people were members of SFM, so they were familiar with how the sales technique works. And when they quitted and joined DA, they found out that DA also has the same sales techniques.
  3. DA’s members have a coach, but they will close the whole sales for you since they want to make cash for themselves. That’s why it avoids you to learn how to make sales properly. The impact for you is you can’t build your own online business since you have no idea how to sell.
  4. Since DA’s tricks always attempt you with more “investment,” some of the members run out of money and they can’t invest anymore. So, they might ask you for a loan to purchase the product. This is unethical and bad.

Finally, we’ve concluded. Many people do not have any good experiences as what Digital Altitude has promised once they “invested” their money. Selling costly products to get the commission is also challenging to do. Instead of commission, you will spend more money than you’ll receive for only buying the course and the license of products you need to promote. This platform is not very recommended for those who want to build their own online business and want to have more opportunities in getting more cash through the website.

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