Digital Genius Lab – Is Digital Genius Lab A Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Digital Genius Lab – Is Digital Genius Lab A Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Who doesn’t want to be mentored to be a jaw-dropping entrepreneur or marketing expert? If you are the person who usually deep dives in this particular area, I bet you already familiar with Digital Genius Lab. Especially with the overwhelming claims, $1k each commission. But the big question among marketing enthusiast is: is that possible to earn money with that fantastic amount?

How do we know if this is a scam or legit?

Don’t go any further without resuming about what Digital Genius Lab is. It is an affiliate marketing with multi-level marketing system or well known as MLM. With Sean, Melissa, and Chris as founders, they try to sell a product about digital marketing education or to be exact, Facebook Ads class with additional sales distributor for Enagic. The program which is dedicated to the business owner will charge you approximately more than $90 per month or get a discount for the entire year booking. You need to pay $997 per year.

Based on that summary, hopefully, we have the same understanding of what kind Digital Genius Lab which we are talking about. Don’t get it wrong with Digital Genius only, because it is a company focused on artificial intelligence.

But before that, clear your mind and don’t go with your assumption without knowing what is going on. Even though the negative reviews are blown up on the internet, and no one can handle it, don’t go with the flow easily. Let us see this case one by one.

First thing first, we can talk about the possibility of earning a fantastic amount of money digitally. Of course, you can. But be careful with any offers, claims, or any tempting words from the sales because it is not how this world works. Don’t buy their words unless you can see conspicuous valid evidence.

Or in a nutshell, earn money needs work and process.

Many people who already experience it say, Digital Genius Lab, is an educational system which offers you tools to be an entrepreneur who is ready enough to sell stuff. Also, it is the right choice for you who crave something big and ambitiously increase your online business. Their primary goal is molding a successful entrepreneur with a private and unique program. The good thing is, they welcome with any idea that determines what it takes to pass the program with maximum result.

That is why it is not an acceleration class which allows you to get 6 figures quickly or being rich immediately like snapping fingers. Thus, through this system, you will meet a bunch of experienced person who able to show you what you have to do, and most importantly is somebody watching your six in the middle of your effort to understand online marketing world.

Moreover, you will be taught how to pay some advertisements on Facebook and surveil the traffic. For you who don’t familiar with building a good brand on a digital platform, it will be amazingly valuable to be followed.

If that so, then why many rumors and accusation if this system is not legit? Well, this is the other side of this business. Digital Genius Lab works through properly designed of a sales funnel which encourage you to boost these two ultimate products: reselling the same curriculum of Digital Genius Lab to as many as possible people with the cost is $99 per month and get a lower price for yearly booking $997. For the commission, you will be granted 30% of the total sales you can make. And the second product is promoting a multi-level marketing corporation called Enagic through water ionization and filter system.

Until this point, you get the point right? Even though we cannot generalize all multi-level marketing system as a fraud or scam mechanism, but some signs on Digital Genius Lab drives people opinion to say this institution also a scam.

Besides the claim to offer you $1k each commission, an interesting fact to be discussed is about a “done for you” system.

At the moment you join this system, you will be taught on how to lead your traffic into sales funnel from Digital Genius Lab with Facebook ads as your number one platform. Following that thing, the sales funnel team will give your mentors to support you for doing several kinds of stuff. Such as: catch up with your referrals, direct you to start it immediately, and convince you that buying DGL’s upsells and membership is significant leverage that not everyone else deserves this opportunity.

Then why they call it as “done for you” system? Because everything you need to run is driving the traffic.

If we are thorough enough, it is not about becoming a one-stop marketing education platform which support as many people as possible in lifting their traffic to gain more profit. It is more likely about how to recruit more people to get involved inside the circle.

That is why so many people question their consistency between what they offer and what they do.

It doesn’t stop yet. Let us talk about another fact about water filters. We cannot neglect the issue of another very similar institution called Global Affiliate Zone. Why we have to pay attention to this institution is because both Global Affiliate Zone and Digital Genius Lab have the same product to sell, which is a water ionization system and water filters from Enagic. No to mention, they do not cooperate or a merger company to boost the sales rating. Surprisingly, they are a rival. Yes, you don’t have a visual problem. They are rival who sell the same thing.

If you think this is a common thing, to begin with, well, you don’t get the point. It is unethical if a brand sold by two different companies. It is a brand, not just a type of thing that can be sold by anyone. Now imagine if they want to make a proper branding of their product. Is that funny to see the same brand on the different commercial?

Now, move to the other aspect. Digital Genius Lab offers you two major sections. The first is basic training modules which will direct you to get the best traffic through Facebook Aids. Second is the fast track of the triple pack. The second component is specially designed for you who are already experienced and demand more advanced lesson. To lure consumers, DGL offers you first upsell for the program at the same moment.

With the necessary training modules, you will get 5 different modules. The first module is talking about Facebook Fan Page. You will get a comprehensive lesson from the basic on how to set up, maintain, and maximize the function of a fan page. If you are a newbie in the ocean of digital platform, this is true for you.

The second module is to prepare your Digital Genius Lab sales to funnel, or you can call it “done for you” system. Establishing this system requires a new domain name for your personal website’s business, a sales funnel, and manage the professional automatic email for blast campaign, etc. all the three need is included in this DGL sales funnel module.

The third module will give you a complete perspective on Facebook ads. Learning about Facebook page and sales funnel in a row will be vain if we don’t practice a lot about Facebook ads. Urging the traffic of your sales from digital ads needs several preparations. Thanks to this module, you will get help to set up managerial stuff with Facebook, specific account for advertising, customized the target audience, and re-targeting Facebook’s pixels.

The fourth module talks a lot about the connection between advertising and marketing. If in the previous section, you get the lesson about Facebook ads, then you will learn to interpret the data and understand Facebook’s guidelines. Facebook has 6 different types of advertising. You will know the difference from this module.

Lastly, from the basic training module is evaluating the performance of our campaign’s traffic. Analyzing the performance is an ultimate key to success for scaling up your business. Every business can have different element and aspect that need attention. That is why the evaluation is made one by one basis to make sure all the member understands their own “victory formula.”

Before we jump into fast track triple pack package, we can discuss this basic training module first.

If you are completely blind about the internet, don’t have any social media account, and never heard anything about digital advertising through Facebook, it may be suitable for you. But if you are aware with digital stuff and compare the benefit with the amount of money you have to pay, I bet you will say “why I have to pay this expensive training when all material in the modules is available on the internet for free?”.

Even though maybe those arguments make you uncomfortable, but don’t make any decision before you finish reading the entire explanation. Now, jump to the fast track triple pack section.

Along with the name, you will get three different packs to consist of intensive training. There are 30 days fast track, 90 days accelerator, and mastermind league of Digital Genius Lab.

Thirty days fast track means you will get training for 4 weeks in a row. 2 coaches are ready to assist you in maximizing the impact of your Facebook campaign step by step. At the end of this fast track training, you will receive a t-shirt as a mark of you graduating the lesson form DGL. Afterward, you can proceed to the next level, which is 90 days accelerator.

These 13 weeks programs push you to watch a video per days for 90 days nonstop. Through this video, you will learn how to catch the first sale. This first sale is very important because this is a milestone for you to achieve another higher and more significant opportunity for the next purchases. Besides video, another additional course that the member will get is establishing personal development and creating an original advertisement video.

At the moment you reach the sales, you deserve to receive a pair of sweatpants which you can mix and match it with the previous t-shirt from the 4 weeks training.

The last module is the mastermind league. Probably this is the most exciting part of all. After the private personal lesson, you will be in a team consist of 5 to 8 members. Every team will compete with each other for 90 days. Your main goal is getting the best sales point and performance.

Working with peers instead of being individualist is useful for all the members. They will try to implement on how to stay accountable and support each other. Hopefully, this small implementation can closely become representative in real life. You can’t work all by yourselves for good. That is why you need to learn to build good cooperation with your partner.

From this fast track training, you will see how different it is compared with the basic module. I can say this triple pack provides many information, lessons, and valuable experience to join if you demand to be a great marketing expert. But again, it depends on your necessities.

Well, is there any information you get to determine whether or not Digital Genius Lab is a scam?

Before deciding on using this service, you have to consider if this system is quite like a pyramid scam in disguise. The only reason is that you are forced to find new members that are willing to be recruited. And you know, without offering real thing to be foundation reason to hire people, then your activity can be classified into illegal.

Not to mention, their backend seems too mysterious and full of a secret. You barely find any useful information regarding this MLM through any official source of information like website, page, or webinar. This shady promotion only can be known once you can afford the membership and get involved in the funnel and deep dive into the review of Digital Genius Lab.

Now, it is your turn to decide.

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