Fisher Investments – Is Fisher Investments A Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Fisher Investments – Is Fisher Investments A Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Fisher Investments or Ken Fisher Investments is a fee-only financial management firm which concerns to support people who have a high net to accomplish long term period of investment purpose.

Their specific target is most likely aging population who have a plan to early retire, soon to be retired, or already retired. This investments system is rapidly growing due to the spreading of the member that is already in several big countries: Canada, Europe, US, Asia, and some in the Middle East. Roughly 50.000 clients and more than 175 corporations. Their total asset is no joke, at least $150 billion are in their pocket.

Different from any other investment corporation that is proven as a scam, Fisher Investment publicly announces man behind this institution in the very first place. That man is an American financial analyst: Kenneth Fisher. Even though he is an American, turns out he is pretty popular in the United Kingdom since this service was launched for around 20 years.

It sounds like a trusted investment. Then why many people consider Fisher Investment as a scam?

First thing first, take a look at the definition of this investment the term “fee-only” stuff. Do you know what it means? It is quite different with another wealth management firm. This corporation only has simpler annual fee charges depend on how big or how small your portfolio compared with the others. They also don’t force any amount of commission for each product which is successfully sold.

It also illustrates another thing. Since Fisher Investments only evaluate the client’s portfolio, we can assume that these investments exclusively rely on those who most likely have high net-worth. The size of the collection will reveal their service in term of wealth management. And they will not let them to be out of reach.

An important detail about Ken Fisher Investments that can be left behind easily is the fact that they have already done the astonishing job by their ability to lure more than 50k private business entity and their deep pocket of asset that already reach $105 billion.

How curious are you to figure out Ken Fisher Investments work? Especially after hearing their asset and capability to monetize this system.

The procedure of investment method with Ken Fisher Investments to have them managing your penny is come in handy and most significantly transparent.

The first baby step that implicates you to achieve Ken Fisher Investments properly and showing your targets. Every plan they are made are answered towards the question focused on your everlasting goals, and then they will question you what is your most priority and then they will talk about it to you for the most suitable options to accomplish it.

Whenever you are sure to choose to go into further step, they are going to set one of their delegates to arrange a meeting with you and decide it with your person in charge. Have a super busy schedule? Don’t worry. They will set the schedule based on yours.

In that conference, the previous plan will be talked once more, together with the existing targets. Through this moment, every party will discuss with the details included making sure everything is well running. At this moment, what they want to accomplish and how the way they are going to reach it is all the matter.

Next step, when you have the decision into further stage and invest the penny, it doesn’t like the other wealth management firms because it won’t stop there yet. Ken Fisher Investments has a significant oncoming way for you to be tasked on your investment Counsellor.

The personal investment counselor is going to assist you daily so you will have the capacity to make a list for anything regarding this related issue at this very moment. Moreover, it will not be recommended to abandon you to be too ambitious in catching up, unless your Counsellor has a plan to continuously keep in touch with you on your portfolio’s update and will stay frequent communication to make sure your investment tactics work well straightened with your preference and number one goal.

What is the point of investing if you have no access to evaluate the regular report or the worst is when you don’t know how to read all of those charts, diagrams, or tables? But this case is never going to happen if you join this investment.

Regarding the previous investment commitment contract, you deserve to get any detail information and analysis of quarter-year and half-year review of update about the capital market. To make it more eye-catching, they sometimes provide it with another type of data presentation. For example, video or attractive visually pleasing display.

Not only about data. Sometimes you want to upgrade your knowledge and understanding by attending seminars or conferences that talk about this issue. Investment is a collaboration between science and art, so there is always be something new and illuminating to be followed.

With investing your money to Indonesia, you always get chances to attend numerous national top seminars from Investments Policy Committee, including with the senior users from that investment pairs.

From that explanation of how this investment works, then you have to understand about what are they fee fully. Bear in mind that they use “fee-only policy” so they cannot charge any additional payment on every product they sell.

Ken Fisher Investments execute a structure of fee in stages. The bigger your portfolio, the more money you have to pay. Also, if you want to be managed more, you have to prepare more money to spend. So, if you still want to try their service but only have limited capital, you can customize your needs and wants to be fit into your budget.

The consumer will enjoy several advantages. First, you can assume that it is not the interest of this investment to commerce or buy anything from your account. Second, you don’t have to worry about transparency at all.

But the negative side is, they don’t publicly declare their fees. Instead of figuring out how much money you have to pay for them to manage your funds, you need to contact them and negotiate it with their advisor.

Not only that. Why people call it as a fraud service is because the billing is not coming from Fisher Investments but a third party for your portfolio maker. That is why they can claim if they don’t charge you any extra commission.

Even though the system of billing is something like that, but they assure you that the billing is made as cheap as possible. This claim makes people think that they just want to manage your money as many as possible. A clever idea to gain more profit, right?

Finished with the discussion about billing, let’s move to another interesting information: strategy. Since their claim is personalising client’s target and establishing flexible investments policy, you are not going only to find stock picking offer, but also an analysis of global trading trend, an identification of the most appealing category, after that decide the personal stock, bond, or another security aspect on your portfolio.

But the good thing is, they will inform you in detail about these strategies to make sure you know exactly what is going on instead of believing without any solid foundation on your manager counselor who manages the portfolio.

Supporters of Fisherman Investments also defend this system because probably this is the only corporation who let the client to escalate the investment to be global instead of local. Take an example: if you are Britain resident, you can spread your knowledge outside Britain. It is the perfect reason to uplift the diversification and dig more benefit of chances which the other investment institution may abandon this issue.

We can rely on their track record to be well known experienced for over 35 years. So, even though none of the investment corporations may guarantee to be correct every time but at least Fisher Investments able to illuminate your skill and knowledge. If not, then why they still exist until right now?

Unfortunately, experience can’t be the only parameter of assessing the quality or measuring how trusted an institution in front of society. Based on Yelp, a website review to see how public opinion of a certain web, many people leave bad perception even though still comprised by the good one. At a glance, they receive 3 stars out of 5.

Is it an indication that Fisher Investment is a fraud? Well, many experts said to disagree on that statement. The first parameter is their success to gather roughly $150 billion assets and have so many representation offices across the world: France, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands also. But their headquarter office remains stays on the United States of America.

If it doesn’t convince you yet, the fact that they were stated in Financial Times Top 300 US-based in RIAs (Registered Investment Advisers) for their annual publication list, Investment News Top 10 US-based for Fee-Only category in Registered Investment Advisers, and got rank in 131 for Pensions and Investments of The World’s largest money managers.

But it still doesn’t mean the criticisms and rumors are shut down entirely.

People who don’t really like with the existence of Fisher Investment mostly said that they don’t well perform in S&P 500 and bloodily unbelievably charges you. Another bad experience also comes from a person who tries to make contact to Fisher Investment after s/he saw the advertisement on TV, and suddenly s/he continuously got annoying telemarketing calls for at least 4 times over a year.

Not to mention, the complaints also come from them who were already registered as clients. They said Fisher Investments is lacking in giving notice for the postponed meeting. They also don’t provide an apparent reason on why they didn’t contact them in the scheduled meeting. Nobody wants to be abandoned, especially if we talk about existing clients, who supposed to be treated well to maintain the relationship and to keep the business matter still well running for good.

Despite the multiple issues of Fisher Investments that can be calculated as scam or fraud, the thing that should be pointed out with this system is about poor customer service. If, and only if, you are interested in trying these investments, be prepared if the service is not as excellent as your expectations. Since the complaints about this matter are overwhelming, so we cannot just let it left behind and pretend like everything is good and professional.

So, when you keep thinking about your retirement era in the next years and have an obsession to establish secondary income to support your life, looking for the best and greatest investment manager is one of the solutions.

For you who are still in productive age and topic of retirement may not be relatable in this very moment, you can enjoy another service that may be useful for your necessities. Since their type is all about flexible investment, so you can assume they can assist and provide you in various investment plans which suitable to your current goal. Mainly if you are still young and feel mixed up on how to manage your own funds, have the ambition to have stable passive income? Several people will most likely consider this option to help them managing their money.

To avoid any bad possibilities, better for you to analyze every well-known investment managing service and make sure you will only try the best of them. Don’t get trapped on scam investment because they will deal with your money and money is a sensitive matter. Better to take more effort but you will be safe at the end because you are thorough enough to detect which corporation which only sell claims and promises compared with those who are proven with achievements and experienced.

Hopefully, this review will ease you to answer all the uncertainty about Fisher Investments, which eventually will lead you to the best investment system you may choose, finally.


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