LifeVantage Review – Is LifeVantage Review a Scam or Legit?. Click Here to Learn More

LifeVantage Review – Is LifeVantage Review a Scam or Legit?. Click Here to Learn More

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Meta Description: Find out whether the multi-level marketing business opportunity offered by LifeVantage legit or scam. Learn how this business grows and earns its fortune to determine if it is safe to join.

The article starts here-

What comes to your mind when hearing Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)? The obligation of finding people to be your downlines? Lucrative passive income opportunity? Or the fact that some of them are scams?

Meet LifeVantage, an MLM business that has been sparking controversies lately. This business has been quite a hit for quite some time that it even once featured on ABC’s PrimeTime show. However, people are questioning if the company is even legit or not. Well, considering that many people have tried joining an MLM business and come back with nothing, we could understand why.

So if someone has ever come to you and offered you this business, And said that you might be the next superstar in the industry; hold that thought and read this article first. Here we will discuss in details about what LifeVantage is. How this business grows its business, and whether you can thrive in this business or not.

What LifeVantage is

LifeVantage is another multi-level marketing business that offers a series of anti-aging products. These products are claimed to be effective in reducing radicals and improving your health. The main focus of these products is to reduce the level of oxidative stress on people’s body. Some of these products include the following:

  • Protandium – this product is claimed to be the NRF2 synergized supplement that could reduce the oxidative stress level on your body significantly. This is reached by enhancing the number of antioxidants all over your body.
  • TrueScience – the business claims that this product could give you the anti-aging benefits in an instant. You could enjoy various benefits, including having smoother and brighter skin. There are many substances contained in this product, including perfecting lotion and anti-aging cream.
  • Canine Health – this product works on your dogs. It functions the same as the other products, which is to reduce the level of oxidative stresses. Only, this one is specifically for dogs.

What makes this business confident in offering those anti-aging products?

They own the patent right to use the superoxide dismutase substance. Which is believed to be able to reduce radicals out of human’s body drastically. That is why the founders of this business keep telling everyone that their business is a science-based one and that they are not playing around by saying so.

That said, it seems that LifeVantage is a seriously legit company that has the potential to be the best in the beauty and healthcare industry. But the question is that is it? There have indeed been controversies all over this theme. Some people may say that this company is the real deal while some others would recommend others to run from it.

LifeVantage’s business plan

To understand better about this company, let us take a look at LifeVantage’s business plan. This business claims that it offers a real business that is potential and profitable. It opens the multi-level business opportunity to people all around the world to become an active distributor for its products.

As an MLM business, the main point that LifeVantage offers is that you could earn as much as you want. As long as you get enough downline under you. However, the business is confident that it is not only supplying you with all the profits that the industry may give. But also a healthy life that is worthy of fighting for. Nonetheless, the bottom line is indeed still about how you could build your empire and gain various mouth-watering bonuses out of it.

To lure prospective distributors and downlines, LifeVantage claims that its team has established a system. That guarantees the success of everyone. This system is called the Master Track Program. This system is set to provide everything that its distributors and agents would need. To accelerate their growth within it, including regular training sessions, one-on-one mentoring, quarterly open events, and annual conventions.

Pricing system

When it comes to the pricing system, LifVantage offers a quite exciting program called the Preferred Customer program. With this program, customers will be given specific discounts if they agree to receive the product they choose every month automatically. In other words, they are subscribing for the product.

In case you are interested in becoming an agent of LifeVantage, you will be required to pay $50 for the membership package. Within the package, you will receive the Presentation Tear Off Pad, newspapers, Opportunity DVDs, LifeVantage decal, Pro Audio series discs, and an opportunity to purchase LifeVantage products.

You do not need to worry about the business structure, as there are many testimonials of distributors and agents who are satisfied with LifeVantage. Overall, they say that the company makes timely payment for their commission and bonuses. The amount they receive is also in accordance with the structure presented to them in the beginning.

Up to this point, you must have taken your conclusion on whether LifeVantage is a real business or merely a scam. Yes, this business is a legit one in terms of its legal status. However, does it do what it says it will do? Are their products and business opportunities that good that they can help you enhance both your financial and health conditions?

LifeVantage and MLM Business Concept in General

The concept of multi-level marketing business itself refers to a strategy in which companies encourage their sales executives to recruit others. To be placed below them in the structure and are paid a percentage of their commission in sales. In the world of MLM, these recruits are called downline. However, that is not the only way these executives or agents may gain their income. They could also make direct sales by offering the company’s products to prospective customers as well.

To understand the MLM concept better, you can imagine how a pyramid works. The top of the pyramid refers to the top manager in the system who will lead a team that shapes like a pyramid; there will always be more people at the lower level of the system. In MLM, these lower-tier agents will earn a percentage of what those in upper-tier earn. The smaller you are in the order, the less percentage you will receive.

At LifeVantage itself, this recruitment part seems not to be taken as the core of the business. Instead, the company encourages its agents to offer the products to others to support their healthy life. At a glance, it seems that the agents are being told that profits should not be the main reason why they are offering products. They should think about improving the health of those people instead.

Multi-level marketing opportunity

However, it is hard to earn the income and bonuses that the team at LifeVantage promises if you are only selling products. When you are joining a multi-level marketing opportunity, all you need to do is to recruit as many people as possible and build your network. This is the only way to succeed in MLM.

What we are trying to say is that LifeVantage should be clear about this concept from the very beginning. They shall not “disguise” the fact that those agents will never reach the level they are aiming without recruiting others to become their downline. This has misled many people who think that they could be successful by merely selling products. Although it may not be a big deal, imagine how it may impact on the company’s integrity and reputation.

If LifeVantage manages to explain to prospective agents and distributors that it is indeed an MLM business from the very beginning, they may think twice before deciding to join the business. There are many factors that they will weigh in a while making the decision. Including whether or not they will be able to recruit enough people to make their network good enough.

When starting out becoming an agent of any multi-level marketing business, it is not about how much money we could get from product sales that we may think about. Rather, it is about how to recruit others to join our network. It is indeed not an easy task to convince others to trust our vision and join our cause. It is even much harder than selling the company’s products directly.

Debates over LifeVantage

Now that you have understood what a multi-level marketing business is; and how LifeVantage fits in the concept, it is time to learn about whether the company is trustworthy enough or not. To be able to do this, we will present some positive and negative points of LifeVantage which have been publicly known to date.

Positive points

  1. Their products work – even though the effects of its products may vary from one consumer to another, they still work. Many people give their testimonials over the products, and they are positive ones. That said, you should have no difficulties in trying to sell them to other people. You only have to show them that the products work.
  2. It is a public listed company – being a public listed company is a warranty in itself. Thus, when knowing that LifeVantage is a legitimate public listed company, you could put one thing to worry about aside. You could be sure that LifeVantage would be fair and open in terms of sales and commission. As you may expect that it will release regular finance reports for the public.

Negative points

  1. Unreliable website program – one thing that LifeVantage agents mostly complain about; is that the website that the company provides to them does not give them enough traffic to sell the products. This is against what LifeVantage told them in the beginning, that they only need to rely on the website to get the sales figures they want. The fact is that the website that each distributor receives is merely a duplicated website. Which will not enable them to draw organic traffic from Google and other search engines. So, they have to look for the traffic themselves.
  2. Unfair structure – this is more subjective rather than objective. But in reality, more people fail in MLM business model compared to those who enjoy immense benefits out of it. Come to think of it; the ones who will thrive out of the system are those who sit on top of the pyramid. While the rest could only have what is left.

The points above are actually what people are debating about these days. By learning about them, at least you could have a clear image of how profitable LifeVantage is. The bottom line of the debates lies in the capabilities of individuals in meeting their targets with LifeVantage. For those who have less determination and perseverance, achieving success in a multi-level marketing opportunity like LifeVantage will only a dream that is too good to be true. Only those with fighting spirit will thrive in this industry.


After reviewing what LifeVantage is and discussing whether it delivers what it claims or not? We may conclude that this business is not a scam. At least from a legal point of view, LifeVantage is a legitimate business. It is a public listed company, and that should be an automatic confirmation about its legal status.

However, when it comes to the question of its capability in delivering results. We would say that it depends on who runs the business. As a multi-level marketing business opportunity, recruiting is the main core of its business. Anyone who wants to grab positive results out of this business must be able to convince others to join his network. This is why only those with determination and perseverance will thrive as winners in this business.

Now that you know where to refer to when a friend of yours comes to you. And offers you a $50-worth LifeVantage Starter Kit while saying that it could be your once in lifetime business opportunity. The choice is in your hands.

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