Lifewave Reviews – Is Lifewave Reviews a Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Lifewave Reviews – Is Lifewave Reviews a Scam or Legit? Click Here to Learn More

Lifewave offers you with magical patches which they claim can effectively improve your health within only a few weeks. When you hear these magical patches, I am sure that most of you will be wondering. Of how these patches work to improve someone’s health? Is this possible? Or the claim is only a scam to lure people?

Besides, Lifewave is also offering you with business opportunity while getting healthy. For you who don’t know what Lifewave is, here is the background info for you.

What is Lifewave, and what the company offers for you?

Lifewave is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that was founded by David Schmidt in 2004. This MLM Company is based in San Diego, California, and selling health products for people to improve their health condition.

To know whether Lifewave reviews are legit, you need to go digging some deeper information about this company. Including the founder. We know that David Schmidt is the founder of the company. But he is the inventor of the product itself. He is also served as the CEO of the Lifewave MLM Company.

Although he was the one who invented the magical patches, it is tough to find his educational background. But the good thing is David Schmidt ever involved in development and research for the US military. So maybe we can assure his ability in creating this unique patches from his experience.

Lifewave not only offering people with health product but also luring people to join this seemingly excellent business opportunity. This was driven by the founder, David Schmidt, who has been a businessman and product developer for more than three decades. His experience truly gives him the advantage not only in creating a unique product but also in business development.

Are Livewafe Reviews for the Products a Scam or Legit?

The uniqueness about Lifewave healing product is they don’t come as capsules or pills. On the contrary, they come as a patch with the ingredients in it. To gain health, you only need to place the piece on certain areas of the skin. This makes the patch very easy to use.

Lifewave claimed that the healing patches they created are built using nanotechnology, which contains only oxygen, water, and amino acid. This makes the healing patches free from chemical or any drugs which bring adverse effects for health. Of course, it sounds very high.

Healing patches from Lifewave are intended to help you gain more energy every day. When you stick the healing patch onto your skin, this patch will stimulate acupuncture points in your body. Thus it will work as an acupuncture therapy which will increase energy flow.

Not only to help you regain more energy, but Lifewave also claims that they can give you a night of better sleep. By using these healing patches regularly every day. This patch also works to reduced stress so you can have better mental health and mental focus. Therefore, using a healing patch will give you an improvement in your overall well-being.

For you who want to stay young, this product also offers you with anti-aging effect. This product will also do detoxification, relaxation, and even fat burning. Some people said that they could feel the results of these healing patches. But, of course, the effectiveness of this patch is quite subjective.

To make you trust this product more, Lifewave provides many scientific data on its website. Unfortunately, Lifewave also writes a disclaimer on the website. That said that this healing patch not intended to prevent or cure any disease. So you will get better health, but you cannot depend on this product to help you avoid any illness.

Lifewave now expands its health and wellness products to nutritional supplements, fitness equipment, and skincare. Unfortunately, as many MLM products that have a high price tag, the Lifewave products is no different.

Is Joining Livewafe MLM worth to make money with it?

As with any other MLM company, you need to research before joining. You have to know the pros and cons of the company you want to join. Livewafe is no different. This MLM will “force” you to recruit as many as people you can ask so you can get substantial income. You also need to spend some money to get started with MLM, this also including hidden fees.

To know the truth about the business opportunity in joining this MLM, you cannot only depend 100% on Lifewave reviews. Lifewave reviews, mainly in their Basic Starter Kit, will expose you with all the good things of joining this scheme. Therefore you will need to see from third party viewer point of view and the fact of joining this MLM.

First, maybe we can take a look at the requirements for joining this MLM. For joining Lifewave, this company will ask you to pay as little as $25. This sounds great since the amount is cheap enough for most of you. But, you have to realize that this amount does not include any products at all.

Then what you will get from $25 you have paid? Lifewave will give you access to the back office of Lifewave. This company will also give you a free one-year subscription to a replicated website of Lifewave.

Then, the most important thing that they will not forget is giving you with Basic Starter Kit. This kit will hopefully help you to get started. But, just like the same as many other MLM company, there is nothing you can do with this Basic Starter Kit. The critical point you can get from this Basic Starter Kit is you have to pay more money, to get more money.

To stay active as the distributors, Lifewave make a minimum requirement that called a Monthly Autoship requirement. You have to meet this requirement to qualify for the commissions.

Then how much product do you have to purchase in a month to stay active? Lifewave will require you to purchase at least 55 Personal volume. This 55 Personal Volume equals approximately $100 for one month. For example, you need to buy a night cream product by Lifewave that has a volume of 55. This night cream will cost at $99.95. So be prepared for it if you want to join.

This may be sound scary for most of you. But actually, there is no need to be that afraid of joining MLM. You can still make money if you join Lifewave. According to Lifewave’s Compensation Plan, there are four main ways you can try to get paid by Lifewave.

(a) Retail Profits

Retail profits are the best choice for you to get immediate income. Besides, you don’t need to try hard for recruiting new people as the downline. Here are two tips for getting money from retail profits:

1) You can follow a regular retailing business by reselling products from Lifewave to your customers. You can get the benefit of the difference between the retail and wholesale price.

2) You will also get a retail benefit if your customers purchase products directly from Lifewave website. This retail profit will directly send to your account every week.

(b) Bonuses from Product Introduction

In Lifewave, they were offering five expensive packages that you need to purchase to start gaining money. You need to pay one of these packages despite for the $25 fee to join.

Here are the five packages they will expect you to purchase:

  1. Bronze- you have to pay $99.95
  2. Silver- you have to pay $299
  3. Gold- you have to pay $499
  4. Platinum- you have to pay $999
  5. Diamond- you have to pay $1,499

You can see that your sponsor absolutely will recommend you to buy the higher packages. It is because of the more expensive packages you purchase; they will earn more money from you.

Here are the bonuses from each package that the sponsor will get:

  1. Bronze- the sponsor will earn $15
  2. Silver- the sponsor, will receive $50
  3. Gold- the sponsor will earn $100
  4. Platinum- the sponsor will earn $300
  5. Diamond- the sponsor will earn $500

If you can get referrals who buy these packages, then you can get commissions from the packages they purchased. This is another way of making money from Lifewave MLM.

(c) Binary Commissions

Just like many other MLM scheme, they will build pyramid downline to earn more residual income. In Lifewave, they adopt a binary compensation which allows you to create two legs on each side, left and right.

You can get residual commissions whenever your left or right team has any sales volume. That is why people in MLM are expected to build more downline so they can make more money with it.

(d) Commission Matching Bonuses

Many Lifewave reviews will tell you that you can get more residual income from commission matching bonuses. That review is right. Because this is the usual scheme adopt in many MLM or maybe every MLM.

This residual commission has come from the number of your referrals have made. This bonuses will come at some requirements such as the packages you and your references have. You can get the bonuses down to only third level. So you will not gain any bonuses from the fourth level and so on.

The Challenge you will face to earn money from Lifewave

Like many other MLM companies, you will ask to keep recruiting, recruiting, and recruiting. There is no difference with Lifewave.

Lifewave gives its members a Lifewave PDF Guide, which gives the members guidance to start the business. Lifewave even gives the members one full page which you need to fill up with your contact list. They suggest you start with your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or any other people that closest to you.

This what I call a great challenge to you. You need to think about the list cautiously because you may end up in the “No Friend Left” level.

Maybe in many Lifewave reviews will say that you still can earn money from retails sales. This is quite true and not entirely wrong. But you have to realize that most of the money you can make from MLM is through recruiting new people.

So, is Lifewave Reviews a Scam or Legit?

As jump to the conclusion, we will see that Lifewave reviews are not a scam. It is a legitimate, MLM company with products that clinically proven. As for the business opportunity, yes, you can earn money from the compensation plan. But of course, there are few things to keep aware of.

You cannot just join this MLM, stay effortless, and hope for the money to come to your account. You will need to do a traditional method to gain earning from MLM business. Recruiting all the people you knew, including family members and acquaintance.

Maybe Lifewave will give you a business opportunity, but to start at the start level is rather pointless. You need to pay huge amount of money for the join the membership and to purchase the package. During lower your package you will also get a lower chance to get your money back.

Another concern is you have to keep purchasing products each month to stay active as a distributor. You need to buy products for at least $100 each month. Of course, you can get a retail profit by selling this product to other people. But this will need much effort since the price is quite high, right?

Despite sounds, a little impossible doesn’t mean that you cannot make it succeed. You can offer the products through their website to the public. This move will make you still get compensation while still trying to recruit a new member.

This kind of MLM business will be more suitable for people who are good at networking and communicating. This business will need someone very good at marketing. Because you will need to recruit as many as people you knew.

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