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Nowadays, due to business, tension, and life pressure, no wonder if so many people are craving for a healthy supplement. To maintain the physical condition. And it will be more beneficial if your most favorite healthy product can offer the opportunity to gain income without going to the office. Because you can do it from home, if that is the thing you are looking for, this Melaleuca review will answer your needs.

The name of Melaleuca has soared in these recent years since this MLM still becomes trending. While another MLM seems like losing their significant earnings. With so many negative publications, MLM is no longer interesting like it used to be. But based on immense website articles, Melaleuca review still holds its reputation to be one of the trusted MLM.

For you who are searching for a new investment product, better for you to question this first:

Is Melaleuca a trusted one instead of a scam?

Well, it is undeniable if exciting promises lure you. For example: how they will not push you on getting as many new recruiters as possible. But probably the most intriguing part is the founder doesn’t let you to over-invest in products more than your ability to sell. Is it possible for MLM to apply that kind of rules?

Before we proceed into any further, let us deep dig to get precise information about everything related to Melaleuca.

Melaleuca review has been started for roughly 30 years ago. And it makes Melaleuca be one of the oldest and long-standing MLM companies all around the world. In the beginning, in 1985, they started their journey as a small company in the countryside area, Idaho.

It didn’t stay too long. As time goes by, this small company suddenly grew up to be a multi-billion dollar corporation that already spread its wings into more than 20 countries across the world. Thank these large branches, they can encompass a million customers each month. With this tremendous achievement, no wonder if Melaleuca reached annual sales for over 1 billion dollars in 2015 and rapidly increased to be 1,75 billion dollars in the following year. Like it was predicted before, Melaleuca listed as one of the prestigious world-level MLM corporations.

With this fantastic number of sales, it attracts too much curiosity among people: what kind of healthy products that they sell? Is it worth that number?

Or the MLM itself which makes the sales becoming more massive?

They mention themselves as “the biggest wellness online shop.” Their first product is including nutrition, home cleaning, personal care, and cosmetics niches which their claim is safer than any other similar products in the market. Although they also believe that their price is much more effective than the other.

Among all of them, one of their most famous products is Renew. A therapy method designed for dry skin offers strong effect vitamins that will moist your skin. The supplement is divided into two treatments: for morning routine and pills for evening usage.

With this simple treatment, many people assume that Melaleuca review wants to eradicate the mindset “beauty is a pain.” Because maintaining your skin condition doesn’t always require too much product that will bother your day and night.

Regardless of their popular beauty products, they also comprise four wellness elements. Which are: physical health, financial stability, the whole quality of life, and for the sake of environmental well-being. It sounds suitable with the tagline “The Wellness Company.”

The Wellness Company

With the rising trend of becoming an environment enthusiast who commits to only use products which don’t harm surrounding. But able to offer maximum benefit, no doubt if this vision fascinates people’s attention.

It is not only merely about the product itself, but also brings a positive assumption. That Melaleuca is something good, trusted, and have a bright future because it is proven that this company is still continuously growing up and has its targeted market.

Under the same reason, many marketing experts give Melaleuca review as something legit. If that so, then why there is no pressure to recruit new member inside their MLM circle?

Are you not skeptical?

To answer that suspicion, we have to take a look at the state of mind of the founder, Frank L. Vandersloot. A long way before he built Melaleuca in 1985, he was a great salesman. At the moment when he realized that his physical condition was no longer strong enough to do his job. He established a multi-level marketing (MLM) company called Melaleuca.

At that time (somehow still happen until now anyway), MLM was well-known with its conceit, lavish vehicle bonus, and spectacular events. Beneath Vandersloot presidency, he influenced Melaleuca with a new culture of marketing corporation through modesty, tenderness, and homeliness. Not only that positive atmosphere, but he also was famous with doctrine to his subordinates the valuable principle of life lessons under its literal meanings. Some of those lessons were about avoiding debt, banning impulsively buying cars or houses which beyond their financial capacity.

It didn’t stop there

Vandersloot also daunted all his distributors not to push any new members into inundated debt by obtaining countless training and inventory agendas.

We can assume that the policy of not pushing members to find many recruits is not for lip service purpose. But instead, a mechanism to “humanize” and make MLM corporation more “down to earth.” Hopefully, there will be no more bad stereotype that working inside the MLM cycle is compelling and coercing.

Enough with controversy about gathering recruits. Now move to another essential discussion about Melaleuca review, which is planning regarding compensation.

Planning regarding compensation

Being famous with another name, “Business Builders Plan,” is not as good as the topic about gathering new members. The plan is much more confusing than it supposed to be. Don’t make any final decision to buy or not buy any Melaleuca products before you figuring out this data.

The most significant flow of income is the purchasing between your clients and members. You will obtain leftover income on every of your purchasing. So, whenever you buy from the official platform continuously, the number will be increased up to roughly 10% based on your nominal each month.

If you are still considered as Enroller, you have the opportunity to enjoy benefit up to 20% from your initial 150 points of new clients’ product. But, if you can uplift your status to be someone’s Enroller and immediately elevate your position becoming a marketing executive, then be ready to receive a 27% profit.

Don’t easily be amazed by the number

Your extra 7% in residual earnings is not enormous because it will be flat along with your down the line. The number does improve, so it is a common thing to conclude that the deal is well done as expected. The scheme is: your 7% bonus is available from your first downline, second, and the third one. So it remains stable until the next seven downlines descendant.

Besides the bonus from recruiting member, you have the chance to receive more reward. The willingness for enrolling Quality Customer, people who the duties are enrolling, becoming the highest preference list from a customer. And arranging the required minimum purchasing by only using their initial month.

In spite of the fact about enrolling quality customer, becoming a preferred clients\ will make you earn a bonus. As long as you can ensure the minimum purchasing around the initial first month.

Is there any weekly bonus?

For sure! It will be granted for you who have maintained the preferred clients listed along the previous five months. You will be classified into a qualified person when you can sustain for a minimum of 75% retaining. But bear in mind, the more, the better.

It doesn’t end up yet. Based on recent Melaleuca review, turns out it gives you a couple of good leadership improvement bonus, for anyone who is elevating a solid group of the team. As distributors and able to sell in immense number and spice up the rank. Every time the distributor from your downline receives any bonus rank or bonus sales, you will obtain that extra amount that equates to 50% of their prize.

That is the reason why many critics said they don’t like the hassle scheme of the compensation mechanism. Pay attention every time you find any MLM does that because what is their hidden intention is worth questioning.

The annual salary in average rating for director position is slightly higher than $2,000 while many another new representative cannot even reach into director level. Those people with the high-income job are the one who has rigorous effort to establish their business for a relatively long time and already have over than eight clients. For your information, not every people have that privilege to achieve something amazing like that.

Melaleuca review “behind the scene.”

If you read each Melaleuca review, you will find out how catching “behind the scene” on how easy a few little groups dig abundant benefit from that compensation plan. And now, you know why.

Regardless of what is the real compensation, people need to widely open their eyes about multiple failure cases in investing in this MLM mechanism.

Every decision to join a money-making company needs a thorough assessment of our condition. And evaluate how far it will be suitable for this business line. The one who can be considered as appropriate must follow several parameters. First, you need to have a strong circumstance which the followers are royal enough to be your long term consumer.

Second, don’t forget about your ability to sell something. Are you good at luring people to buy something? Are you able to flip the mindset of your potential customer from doubtful into truly convinced with your product? If the answer is yes, then you are the potential candidate. But when your feeling says “no” is the most representative answer; otherwise, you want to break your comfort zone and try something new.

This opportunity is worth trying

Becoming an individual who fits enough with the second parameter cannot guarantee your success. Meanwhile, it still can be the potential to fail inside this kind of business opportunity. A condition that can determine your fruitfulness through MLM is whether or not the leadership is good enough to teach you something useful. And you must have high expectation to be mentored by a professional coach for the first time you think you want to join with Melaleuca.

Don’t be surprised if I say that your expectation is too high to be true. You need to deal that your mentor is somebody who is a new member. And still in the process of learning every aspect inside Melaleuca. Just the same as you. And the sad thing is, there are a bunch of comments on Melaleuca review which openly said if they have been so unlucky to deal with a low quality of marketing representative.

What is the point of getting a mentor?

Second, the availability of future potential customers. Imagine if your potential client since is only your social circle and no further opportunity to find another better source out there. It can ruin your investment because sooner or later, you will figure out that your pipeline of business will not run when it runs dry of prospects.

To avoid this case in the future, ensure your leader or mentor is professional. And capable enough to guide your pathway is essential. Unfortunately, you may feel disappointed when you realized that many people are not lucky enough to get a good mentor and leader.

It doesn’t mean that there is no bright side on following Melaleuca review. And it is hard to get a solid conclusion on whether or not it is worth trying. But you may face the tough way if you decide to join this circle.

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