Purium Review – is Purium review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Purium Review – is Purium review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

MLM business is now growing rapidly. As we know that there are so many MLM companies that offer a great business opportunity to earn a promising income. However, whenever you want to join an MLM program, it is important to find out whether the program is a scam or legit. Now, we are going to have a Purium review in order to find out whether Purium is a scam or legit. If it is a scam, then you can avoid it, but if it is legitimate, you can go on with it.

What is Purium?

Perhaps, you have never heard Purium and you have no idea if Purium offers an MLM program. So, this Purium review will explain everything related to Purium and its business opportunity. What is actually Purium? Purium is actually a company or a brand name which offers MLM opportunity to sell nutritional and healthy supplements. In this case, Purium basically sells supplement products, but it offers an MLM opportunity. Purium also has an official website that you can access. You can just go to iShoppurium.com to find out more about Purium products.

It is not only selling products, but everybody can join Purium MLM business opportunity and it has been running for a few years ago. If you are currently looking for a good MLM program. Purium becomes one of the best options for you. If you want to get a lot of money from selling other people’s products, so you can choose Purium and sell their supplement products to have commissions and income. Somehow, you still need to know whether this business is a good choice for you. So, you just need to keep reading this Purium review to know more.

About the Purium Company

Now, we are going to find out about the Purium company and how it finally gets successful until now. Anyway, before you join Purium MLM, you may need to know who is the CEO of the Purium company. As we know that there are so many companies that do not give information about the company profile. In fact, Purium will never lie to its customers. So, let us introduce you the owner of the Purium company whose name is Amy Venner and David Sandoval. They were the persons who started the Purium company since 2004 in Long Beach California.

Since 1993, these innovative men started green food manufacturing but it was a small business until they finally got an idea to run their business on a large scale. Then, they started to build their own company called Purium in 2004. Today, this company becomes the most successful company in the US. In addition, there are so many people who have joined the MLM program of Purium and it is still a big chance for those who also want to follow their steps.

Of course, Amy and David have their own reasons why they would build their own company to sell nutritional supplements. Firstly, they saw so many people with obesity, diabetes, and cancer due to an unhealthy diet. Secondly, he thought that he had to change his diet until he finally conducted a lot of study about healthy foods and nutrition. Thirdly, he finally found the solution that he really wanted in order to give better and healthier life with good diet by eating healthy nutritional supplements which have been formulated.

About Purium Products

Now, we would like to explain Purium review deeper and it is now about the Purium products that have been so popular among the people. As it is mentioned above, Purium manufactures some kinds of nutritional supplements for weight loss, anti-aging, fitness, and cleanser. Purium has a mission to help everybody give a healthier life so people can live longer and always healthy.

Meanwhile, the products of Purium are divided into several categories according to the needs and function.

Anti-Aging- the supplements for anti-aging is formulated particularly to help women reduce the sign of aging to make the skin look healthier and softer. However, it is also good overall health and it offers some products like creams and supplements to consume for healthy joint, heart, and total body health.

Weight Loss- the supplement product for weight loss is specifically designed to help women lose weight in order to have a slimmer body and a healthier lifestyle. it is a really good choice for those who want to get in shape fast.

Athletes- the Purium supplement product is designed particularly to help an active person who likes exercises like an athlete and sports players. These products can help athletes increase their power and performance within ten days.

Greens- the special Purium products which are specifically formulated from green plants in the form of organic juices and healthy green supplements for a healthy life.

Family Nutrition- these special healthy products are formulated for family nutrition which is also suitable for kids and adults.

Well, those are some products of Purium which you can sell just in case you want to join the Purium MLM program. Basically, this concept is not new because there are so many other supplements manufacturers who also provide MLM program. Now, you only have to choose Purium if you want to sell nutritional products which can be very profitable for the business.

Is this promising? Selling supplement product is not that difficult because everybody needs a healthy life. So, you can get any customers because this product is actually suitable for anybody.

Purium Compensation Plan

How to get money from Purium? Of course, if you really want to know how Purium will pay you, you need to check the compensation plan breakdown.

Anyway, there are a few ways to earn money from Purium, either sponsoring new affiliate members or getting paid from the retail product. Meanwhile, Purium also uses MLM unilevel compensation plan structure to pay the residual commission to the member. Perhaps, you can check this following compensation breakdown to understand it well.

First Level- this is an unilevel compensation plan that only belongs to a level where you have referred member.

Second Level- this level will be the team member where you personally refer to or you may get one member which is already sponsored to the Purium.

Third Level- This compensation plan level is also going to have the team members in which the level 2 team is personally referred to Purium.

That’s how unilevel compensation plan structure actually works so that you will understand it before you really join the Purium MLM program. Somehow, you can actually find more information about the details of how to earn a lot of commissions from Purium. In addition to the compensation plan, Purium currently also provides first order fast start commission and performance-based bonus commission. In this case, the amount of your commission depends on your rank. Perhaps, you can check these following rank breakdown:

Member Rank- This is the first time you join Purium and be part of the affiliate member.

Associate Rank- You have to be on fifty PV in each month auto ship to be part of this rank.

Constructor Rank- You have to recruit an associate ranked member to get this rank and get the total volume as much as 300 GV in each month.

Consultant Rank- You have to recruit 2 associate ranked member to get this rank and get 1000 GV downline volume.

Director Rank- if you want to reach this reach, you need to recruit as many as 3 associated ranked members and achieve total volume each month as many as 2500 GV or more.

Executive rank- this rank is only achieved if only you can recruit 4 associate ranked member and have 6000 GV volume.

Diamante Rank- this rank can only be achieved if only you have recruited 3 consultants ranked, 3 associate ranked members with total downline volume each month at least 15000 GV.

Retail Commission

When you finally become the part of affiliate member, you also have a right to get a commission from retail sales. If you can sell the Purium supplement products for retail, you have a chance to get a commission as much as 15%. You may get 30% of the retail sales if only you belong to 50 PV auto-ship or higher. The top commission from a retail sale can reach up to 45%, but you have bought no less than 500 of the products and then you also should have a license or certificate of a health professional.

Recruitment Commission

When you can recruit some new members, you also have a chance to get a recruitment commission. Here is the illustration of how you can get a recruitment commission.

If you get 2 members and they buy the Gold packs in seven days, then you can get a commission as much as $75.

If you can sponsor at least one new affiliate member who buys Platinum Enrollment pack, then you have a chance to get $150. Next, you will also get the same commission for the second platinum pack. But, if finally can get a third and fourth week, you can earn as much as $200 up to $250.

If you can refer to a new member who buys the Launch Enrollment Pack, you have a chance to get a commission as much as $250. The second pack will also give you the same commission. Meanwhile, if you can go to the third or fourth pack, you can get $300. Finally, the five pack will give you a chance to earn $350.

First Purchase Commission

It is also possible to get a first purchase commission with Purium. Basically, it is just similar to other MLM companies that will give you a reward when you get an affiliate member who buys the Purium products for the first time. When you qualify, your team members may also earn some commissions as you earn from personal referrals.

Residual Commissions

In addition to the first purchase commission, you will also earn residual commissions from Purium. It is actually a commission which you will earn from MLM unilevel compensation plan structure. So, it also depends on your rank. The higher the rank, the more commissions you will get. In this case, there are eight levels of unilevel commissions offered by the Purium so you can earn the residual commission. If you quality the associate rank, you have a right to earn 5% on level one and two. The builder rank will also give you 5%. Meanwhile, for the consultant rank, you will get 5% of commissions on levels one to four.

Purium FAQ

Now, in this Purium review, we are going to the Purium frequently asked questions so that you know some answers before you ask it. There are a few important answers that you consider before you choose Purium as your MLM business.

Does Purium have BBB accreditation?

Well, Purium is actually not Better Business Bureau accredited. However, it does not indicate that Purium is a scam. In fact, Purium is not a scam at all. For your information, BBB is not always right in giving the company’s ratings. So, you are no need to worry about it.

How much does Purium cost?

When you want to join Purium health, you have to choose the desired package as you wish. So, the price actually depends on the package you select. Each package has some different price offers. There are about 12 Purium packages that you can choose and when you choose one of the packages, then you will qualify to get commissions. Some of the packages are Daily Get Started Pack for $249, Daily Get Started Gold Pack for $398, Daily Platinum Pack for $549, Daily Launch Pack for $1049, Transformation Get Started Pack for $280, Transformation Platinum pack for $549, Athlete Get Started Pack for $280, Athlete Get Started Gold Pack for $429, and so on.

Is Purium a legitimate or a scam business?

Well, after seeing the whole explanation about, we can conclude that Purium is a legit opportunity and it is not a scam at all. There are a few reasons why we can say it a legitimate opportunity. First of all, you can visit the official Purium website and see the company and product details. Secondly, the company has a clear compensation plan that members will earn. Next, Purium is not a new MLM company and it has been launched since 2004.

In summary, this Purium review gives a final conclusion to answer the question of whether it is a scam or a legit MLM program. In this case, we would like to sum up that Purium is a legit opportunity and you do not have to worry about it.

Purium Review – is Purium review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more


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