Scentsy review – is Scentsy review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Scentsy review – is Scentsy review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

It is not a bad idea to join an MLM program from many businesses or companies. However, you have to check the company or the business, whether it is a scam or legit. You do not want to lose a lot of money for joining a fake MLM program. So, it is necessary to read some reviews about the companies that you want to choose.

There are so many MLM companies that you can join. Each MLM company has its compensation plan system. But, it is not the most important thing, but you have to know if it is a scam or legit. You also do not have to be interested in a too big compensation plan because it may be a fraud. Suppose you want to get an excellent business opportunity, you may try to check Scentsy company.

Today, we are going to talk about Scentsy review. You probably have never heard of Scentsy review before or you may find Scentsy that also offers pyramid scheme business. Is Scentsy review a scam or legit? We are going to find out everything about the business opportunity of Scentsy if it is a scam or legit.

What is Scentsy?

If you want to know the details of Scentsy, you can visit the Scentsy official website. But, we would like to explain it through this Scentsy review so that you can get a clear explanation about it. Well, Scentsy is the name of a MLM company that sells wax and fragrance. It was first launched in 2004 by Heidi Thompson and Orville in Meridian Idaho USA. However, Scentsy is not quite popular worldwide because it also already has some distribution centers in Poland, Lexington KY, Warsaw, and Coppell TX. Today, the Scentsy products are available in many countries like UK, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Guan, Puerto Rico, and the USA.

Scentsy also offers MLM program, and this company already hires more than 1000 employees. Meanwhile, there are more than 200000 members and consultants worldwide. So, it is not a bad idea that you join this business opportunity with Scentsy. Scentsy MLM program is now quite popular in the US and Europe. You can see that there are so many people who compete to join Scentsy MLM programs.

Scentsy Better Business Bureau

You may be familiar with BBB. You also need to know that Scentsy is already registered on BBB with some categories such as Party Plan In-Home and Multi-Level Selling companies and Business Consultant. You can check it by yourself to know if Scentsy already belongs to BBB. This information is vital just in case you want to know if the company is a good one or a bad one.

When we check on the internet, it seems that Scentsy already gets A+ on BBB. This is quite amazing, and it will give us an answer to this topic. You can check this following screenshot anyway.



According to this information, we can conclude that Scentsy is a great company, especially when they deal with some customers’ problems. Also, we can also notice that this company has been registered on BBB since 10 years ago. This can be a special bonus for Scentsy which has been trusted due to its excellent ratings.

Even though Scentsy is a good company, it does not mean that there are no complaints from their customers. Some so many customers also say bad things about Scentsy, but there are also some customers who say good things. Let us take some examples of good and bad reviews from their customers.



You can see those two different reviews which say good and bad things about Scentsy. The first Scentsy review says that Scentsy is a great company while the second review complains about the product which has terrible quality. We cannot judge the Scentsy products by just reading some reviews. In fact, there are so many good reviews from their lovely customers. Meanwhile, the other customers say Scentsy is not that good.

What are actually Scentsy products?

What does Scentsy produce and sell? It is important to know what products you may sell from Scentsy when you decide to join the Scentsy MLM program. Anyway, Scentsy is not a small company, and it is a huge company which produces a lot of products and services. You can actually check the entire products on the official website, but let us show you some of the categories of the products.

Home- The home category consists of several products for home necessities such as warmers, diffusers, make a scene warmer, tabletop nightlight bases, scent storage box, and warmer accessories.

Scent- The Scent category consists of products like car bars, bars, room sprays, scent paks, scent circles, travel tins, and natural & essential oil.

Clean- The Clean category consists of products for cleaning such as hand soap, counter clean, Scentsy fresh, and Kitchen Soap.

Laundry- The Laundry Category consists of laundry products, including Dryer disks, washer whiffs, laundry liquid, and clothing conditioner.

Skin- The Skin category consists of products for skin purposes such as moisturizing body bar, whipped body souffle, velvet hand cream, and find fragrance roller.

Groom- The Groom category consists of several products like nourishing skin conditioner, shampoo, shower bar, and shave, refreshing face balm, and cream shave soap.

Kids- The Kids category consists of some products for kids such as bath smoothie, buddies, Scentsy sidekicks, scrubby buddies, kids warmer, buddy clips, Kids Scentsy bars, kids diffusers, Kids scent paks, and Kids 100% natural oils.

Well, those are some products that you can get from Scentsy. Everybody has a right to purchase Scentsy products. But, if you want to earn some commissions from Scentsy, you may join the MLM program by Scentsy. Of course, when you want to join an MLM program, you really want to know the compensation plan first.

How much can you earn?

The compensation plan is the earning which you will get if you join an MLM program, including the Scentsy MLM. How much will you earn when you join Scentsy MLM? Perhaps, you can check this following compensation plan list:


How does it work? Scentsy MLM program is just similar to other MLM systems. All you need to do is to recruit some people to join Scentsy MLM program. If you get more members, you will get paid more. Somehow, you can also get your profit from selling Scentsy products. So, you apparently have to ways to earn money either recruiting some people or selling Scentsy products. But, if you check the compensation plan above, you will be surprised that you only get a small compensation plan.

What are the terrible things about Scentsy?

The BBB says that Scentsy is a good company which earns A+ rating. But, it is not always true because Scentsy is not always good in some cases. What don’t we like about Scentsy? As we know that everybody has their own opinions about Scentsy. You probably have read so many testimonials from other reviews that say good things and bad things. Now, it is our turn to know the truth according to our opinions.

When we check some reviews on the internet, we have read so many bad reviews about Scentsy. Let us take an example from a Scentsy Consultant from Canada who stated that Scentsy is not the right choice to make money.

How could it happen? A female consultant from Canada felt disappointed because he could recruit new members because there were so many Scentsy consultants in her city. She never thought that there were a lot of people who joined Scentsy to be consultants. So, this became a big obstacle for her to earn commissions because she could not get members quickly. Apparently, she was competing with other consultants.

This is actually not Scentsy fault because Scentsy only gives a chance for everybody to join the MLM program. The lady may feel disappointed with this condition, but the other consultants may feel happy because they probably have their strategy to recruit people.

Indeed, the MLM business has never been so easy and quick. Even though it looks so promising, you still need to show your effort. It is not as easy as you think. You have to be an active person who can persuade people, so they attract to the business as we know that there are so many people who give up on MLM business because they never make it. Perhaps, the lady explained above will be one of the failed consultants if she finally gives up and feel frustrated.

According to the lady story, she eventually began to research Scentsy. In the end, she noticed that most of the products manufactured by Scentsy did not use 100% natural ingredients. She said that some of the products are formulated with petroleum and did not use pure wax. That was a terrible day for her because he has lost a lot of money because she just focused on Scentsy, and she also found that Scentsy products were not natural.

Well, before you join Scentsy MLM, it is vital for you to know that you have to pay a monthly charge as well as purchase some Scentsy products about $150 every few months. According to what the lady said, the Scentsy MLM program was just a waste of time. She also said that Scentsy MLM business could not take years, and it was not the right way for future investment. She dared to say it because she has conducted some research before. This is a really disappointing moment because nobody can make sure that they can be rich with Scentsy. The worst thing is that you probably cannot make money with this business. There are only 2% of all consultants who actually can earn money from the compensation plan.

Is Scentsy a scam or legit?

Now, we get the answer if Scentsy is a scam or legitimate. It is undeniable that Scentsy is not a scam at all and it is totally legit. It can be proven from the products they sell, which are already popular among the people around the world. Besides, Scentsy is also accredited with BBB and gets A+. Even though Scentsy is a great company, but it is not always a good choice for MLM business opportunity. Scentsy offers an MLM business like other MLMs. You need to recruit some people to join the Scentsy business. But, it is not that simple because there are already so many consultants who have joined Scentsy. For those who joined Scentsy for the first time, they may get the profit already. However, if you are just a new member who wants to join Scentsy, then it will be difficult to earn some compensation plan because everybody knows Scentsy or some of them may be the members of Scentsy.

In summary, that’s all about Scentsy review which can be useful for you just in case you want to know if Scentsy is a scam or legit. Now, we can conclude that Scentsy is not a scam at all, but it is not a good MLM business because Scentsy is quite popular today. If you want to join the Scentsy business opportunity, you have to consider the location where you want to market the Scentsy products. According to the story from a Canadian consultant, she was getting challenging to get new members because there are so many consultants in her town. Also, some costumers complain about Scentsy products. However, it is all your decision whether you still choose Scentsy for your business opportunity. You also have to consider the compensation plan, which is too small compared to other MLM companies. Maybe, you can choose other MLM companies that offer better compensation plan. But, you still need to review the companies to get clean information.

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