Senegence review – is Senegence review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Senegence review – is Senegence review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Nowadays, it is very easy to find some MLM business opportunities just in case you want to be one of their consultants or members to earn some commission. Well, these companies usually produce healthy products and cosmetic products. You decide to choose your favorite MLM company. But, before you join the company, it is important to read some reviews about the company to know if it is a scam or legit.

Talking about an MLM company, it is time for us to check the Senegence review. Hopefully, this Senegence review will help you make a decision whether you are going to choose this business opportunity or you have to leave it. You will find some answers on how Senegence can be your a big chance to earn a lot of money through the MLM business. Perhaps, you have never heard of Senegence company before. So, we would like to review this company and check whether it offers a legitimate MLM program.

Before we go to the main topic, we would like to congratulate you because you use your time to research to know about this company status so you will not lose your money to join a fake MLM company. In this Senegence review, our job is to share the truth about the Senegence company with you, and we are not associated with the company itself.

Is Senegence a legit or scam? Now, we will begin the review from scratch so you will know it better before making the decision.

What is actually Senegence Review?

It is necessary to know the SeneGence profile before we find out about the MLM program. The leading company name of Senegence is SeneGence International, which was first found by Kante and Joni Rogers in California. SeneGence company sells beauty and cosmetic products for women, but it also offers an MLM program. For those who want to look beautiful and need personal care products, they actually can purchase some of the SeneGence products. Many women like the premier flagship products of LipSense. So, we can say that most of the SeneGence products are produced for women.

What does SeneGence actually sell?

As it is mentioned above, SeneGence is actually very popular with its name LipSense. Many people will notice LipSense as the popular name of SeneGence company. This company focuses on skincare, beauty, and cosmetics manufacturing. Maybe, you wonder what SeneGence sells and how it can be a good business opportunity for you.

Anyway, some of the SeneGence products are skincare products including SeneDerm Cleanser, SeneDerm Daytime and evening Moisturizers, eye creme, and EyeLuminator; Anti-Aging products including Climate Control, SeneSerum-C, and Collagen Night Pak; Lips products including LinerSense, LipSense, Lipsense Gloss, Lip Balm, Oops Remover, and LipVolumizers; Face products such as MakeSense Foundation, Corrective Concealers, BlushSense, Translucid Loose Powder, Fooopts Remover, and MakeSense Silk; Eyes products including BrowSense, EyeSense, ShadowSense, LashSense, LashShese with underdense, LashExtend, and UnderSense; Body products including Body Wash, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Detoxifying and Moisturizing Mask, Shea Butter Body Cream, Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk, and SeneDerm SeneSun SPF 30 SunScreen; Abundance Parfums including Abundance Fresh Parfum, Bloom Parfum, Lush Parfum, and Travel Trio.

Those are a lot of products that are available for sale from SeneGence company. However, SeneGence has the main focus to sell Personal Care and Anti-Aging. Also, you can get Younique, Arbonne, and Jeunesse from SeneGence.

There are a few notes that you probably have to know about SeneGence products. They claim that”

– SeneGence products are not for animals testing

– SeneGence products do not use animal Bi-Products

– SeneGence also claims to use natural ingredients

– The ingredients used in the product are FDA approved

– SeneGence products are also formulated based on Pharmaceutical Grade

– The products are initially from the USA with the best quality control

– SeneGence products also do not use GMO and Gluten

– The LipSense itself is not formulated with lead or wax

Are SeneGence products good?

You can find so many skincare and personal care products for sale in the market. But, you may want to know if SeneGence products are working. It depends on the customers who use the products. When we check some customers’ testimonials on the internet, we have seen so many complaints. Many women feel disappointed with the SeneGence products. Even though there are so many negative comments about the products, there are also some customers who say good things about the products.

Some of the consumers say that the products cause an allergy. Some of them also say that the products cause some pimples, skin rash, and irritation. Here are some negative comments that we took from online reviewers.

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After we see these two comment examples, we wonder if SeneGence really manufactures the products under the Pharmaceutical Grade and we also question if the products use natural ingredients and FDA approved. In addition to the product complaint, there is also a customer who complains about the packaging as you can see this following lousy review from a female consumer.


We have no idea if there are so many consumers who feel disappointed with SeneGence products. Some so many ladies have used the products worldwide, and we know that SeneGence has been there since many years ago. Still, we do not get a clear answer to this question. We assume that some consumers feel satisfied when the products do not cause some issues while the other consumers get some problems after using it. So, let us skip this issue because we want to talk about the business opportunity with SeneGence through the MLM program.

How to earn a lot of money with SeneGence?

Perhaps, you are interested in joining an MLM business offered by SeneGence. SeneGence MLM program is just similar to other MLM businesses. There are two ways to earn some commissions from SeneGennce. Firstly, you can get some income from selling SeneGence products, either online or offline. Secondly, you can get compensation plan from recruiting some new members to join your team and then you will get commissions when your members can sell SeneGence products.

There is no attractive business opportunity offered by the SeneGence company. It is just an ordinary MLM program which has the same strategy as other MLM companies. You may feel disappointed with the business opportunity offer since this company is a really big company. It is your decision whether you want to join SeneGence or not.

How to get join SeneGence MLM program?

It is effortless to join the business opportunity offered by SeneGennce. All you need to do is just to become their distributor. You can check their official website to know more about. But, according to some SeneGence members, everybody who wants to join SeneGence has to sign up as a distributor first. Somehow, being a member of SeneGence distributor is not free because you also have to pay for the signup fee. In this case, you have to pay for $55 to get Distributor Business Kit, and then you have to pay $75 for the LIPS Kit, and finally for the Glamour Demo Kit costs about $295. If you calculate the entire cost, the fee will be around $425, that is quite expensive for a new membership.

Also, there is an option to pay for Distributor Training Package, which costs as much as $550. When you take this training package, you will get some benefits including weekly training online, general seminar seating, SeneGance website, SeneU Even Registration, PIT Stop Registration, SeneLibrary Training Materials, SeneMedia Collection, MSF Donation, and Launch Demo. Unfortunately, the training package is very costly, particularly if you calculate it with the signup fee as mentioned above with the total cost about $975.

How does SeneGence give you compensation plan?

Let us assume that you do not mind with the signup fee and still want to join the SeneGence MLM program. So, it is necessary to check the compensation plan that you will get from SeneGence. If you’re going to get the compensation plan, you must buy SeneGence products every month so that you will earn some commission.

The Qualifications to getting Commission

How to get the commission? You must buy 300PV worth of products to get the compensation plan. Somehow, when you want to get more commissions continuously, you also have to sell their products regularly. Perhaps, you can check these following types of commissions that you will get from SeneGence:

Retail Commission

The first commission that you may get is the Retail Commission. If you currently become a SeneGence distributor, then you sell SeneGence products to retail consumers, you will get the commission. But, it is not clear how much you will earn the commission.

Residual Commission

Every MLM business will offer you a residual commission. The residual commission will be earned from recruitment. Just like other MLM companies, you will get residual commissions based on your uni-level compensation structure. So, as the first distributor, you will be on the top of the level as a leader of the team. Then, when you recruit some people, they will belong to the first level. Then, if your first level members recruit some people, the new members will be at the second level, and so on.

When you become a distributor and get new people, then you will only earn commissions if only they purchase SeneGence products every month. When they buy so many SeneGence products, then you will get more commissions and get upper level. They need to buy 100PV to get a commission on the first third level. Then, you have to purchase 200PV or higher to earn commission on the fifth level. This uni-level compensation plan system is disappointing for us.

The Bad Things about SeneGence

What are the ugly truths about SeneGence? Even though SeneGence sounds promising to give you a great business opportunity, but you may also feel disappointed due to the bad things that this company has. There are a few things that you know about the bad stuff of SeneGence.

For instance, SeneGence does not provide an income disclosure statement that makes potential distributors feel disappointed because they do not know how much they will earn when becoming a distributor. In this case, we can assume that you may not earn enough income when joining the MLM program or the company does not feel confident with the commission that they will give to their distributors.

Another bad thing about SeneGence is that there are stock issues that commonly occur. So, when a distributor wants to buy some products, the products are being out of stock. It is a big problem for any MLM business because the stock is the most critical part of the product sale.

Next, you may also feel disappointed because of the signup fee, and the maintenance fee is costly. As mentioned above, if you want to become a distributor of SeneGence, you slight have to pay for $425. Also, if you’re going to get the training package, the total amount of the payment must be $975. Since it is too expensive, some so many people think twice before joining the program. It makes you difficult to convince your new member to join your team. So, this can be a big challenge for any SeneGence distributor.

In summary, that’s all about SeneGence review to find out if the SeneGence is a scam or legit. Well, we can conclude that SeneGence is not a scam and it is totally real. You can join the business opportunity to become their distributors. Then, if you want to get the compensation plan, you need to recruit people to join your team. The SeneGence MLM system is just similar to other MLM companies. You can get a compensation plan based on the level you earn. The more level you get, the more commission you earn. Still, the commission depends on how many products your team members can sell.

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