Shaklee Review – is Shaklee review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Shaklee Review – is Shaklee review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Welcome to our Shaklee review to find out the business opportunity with Shaklee.

There is a big chance for you to join any MLM companies. However, it is necessary to find out which MLM company to choose. As we know that there are so many MLM companies available right now. But, you do not have to choose the entire MLM business because some of those MLM businesses may be scams. Talking

Talking about an MLM business, we would like to introduce you “Shaklee.” It seems that Shaklee also belongs to an MLM company that offers a great business opportunity. I would say Congratulation to you because you finally use your time to read this Shaklee review to know whether it is a scam or legit just in case you want to earn some money online.

Is Shaklee a scam? Or is Shaklee a legitimate MLM business? Actually, we have so many questions about Shaklee. Therefore, through this Shaklee review, we would like to share with you all about Shaklee and how you can make money with Shaklee. Let us get started with our review.

What is Shaklee?

Shaklee is an MLM company that produces and sells health and wellness products, and Forest C Shaklee first founded it in Pleasanton California since 1956. So, this company is an old company, and it is now getting its success because they have so many distributors worldwide. In this case, everybody is welcomed to join the business opportunity with Shaklee even though it is not as easy as you think.

Shaklee is not only popular in the USA because this company has been expanding the distribution of its product to many foreign countries such as Japan, Canada, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Mexico, and Malaysia. Shaklee sells some supplement products like other MLM companies which are related to nutrition and weight-management products. But, this company has expanded its business to produce and sell home products as well as beauty products.

If we calculate the entire products of Shaklee, there are over 150 products available for sale. The products are put into categories such as Nutrition, Beauty, Sports, and Green Home.

Some of the products available for sale are Multivitamins, Nutrition Regimens, Prenatal, Protein Shakes, Targeted Solutions for Aging Well, Blood Sugar, Bone & Joint, Cleanse & Detox, Digestive Health, Energy, Eye, Fiber, Greens, and much more.

For the beauty products, it consists of Anti-Aging Collection, Hydrating Collection, Personalized Regimen, Perfecting Makeup, Accessories, Enfuselle, Shaklee Baby, ProSante, and Daily Care.

For Sports products, it consists of Performance Packs, Builds, Energize, Hydrate, and Recovery. Meanwhile, for the Green Home, you will get Household Cleaning like Starter Kits, All-Purpose, Dishes, Laundry, Accessories; Water Filtration including getting Clean Water, and Best Water; and Commercial Cleaning like AirSource.

How to earn some money with Shaklee?

Do you feel interested in joining Shaklee MLM program? Well, we can say that Shaklee produces and sells good products which are needed by many people. It sounds promising because you can target every consumer, either kid, adult, women, and men.

Shaklee has no differences from other kinds of MLM systems. In this case, you can earn some money from selling Shaklee products, or you can also get compensation plan by recruiting some people to join your team. If you are quite familiar with MLM business, then you should know how this MLM business actually works. In this Shaklee review, we will not explain the general system of an MLM business. But, we are going to look at how you will earn some commission by joining Shaklee business opportunity.

Somehow, before you join Shaklee, it is important to know that Shaklee currently offers 4 different levels of membership. You will earn some money, depending on the level where you belong. You can read these following types of membership levels for more information.

The First Level for Customer (Free)

This is the first level, which is the basic level for general customer. In this case, if you want to get the first level, you are no need to pay for becoming a member of Shaklee. You can also purchase Shaklee products at retail prices. But, since you are a regular member, you cannot make money by promoting the products to other people. You only earn money from the sale profit that you determine.

The Second Level for Member ($19.95)

You can upgrade to the second level to become a premium customer. This is an excellent way to become a Shaklee member, but you have to pay for it. The cost of being a member at the second level is about $19.95. This is only a one-time payment so that you can purchase Shaklee products at special discounts. Also, you do not need a monthly order requirement or auto-ship. But, you still cannot promote Shaklee products to earn some money.

The Third Level for Distributor ($49.95)

If you want to promote Shaklee products and earn some commission, then you can get started with the third level which is specifically provided for distributors. But it is more expensive than at the second level. In this case, you have to pay the membership signup as much as $49.95, and you will officially become their distributor. If you want to get the commission, you have to purchase the Shaklee products each month at least 100PV. It is like an ordering requirement or monthly auto-ship.

The Fourth Level for Gold Ambassador ($299-$599)

When you join other MLM companies, you probably only get the top level for the distributor. But, Shaklee has something different. Shaklee offers higher level more than just a distributor. It is called the Gold Ambassador, which is the ultimate level with some benefits. In this case, you have to choose between Gold Pak for $299 and Gold Plus Pak for $599.

Of course, it offers more benefits than the previous levels in which you have a chance to earn more or higher commissions. If you want to get a higher commission, you should choose Gold Plus Pak which is higher than Gold Pak, but it is also more expensive anyway. Even though you choose this Gold Ambassador level, you still have to pay the $49.95, and you also must order the products every month.

If we calculate the entire cost of joining Shaklee MLM program, we can conclude that the cost is too expensive for a newbie. Some beginners may not want to join the program because they have to pay that much to start. Shaklee may offer an excellent compensation plan, but it is not cheap to get started with Shaklee from scratch.

What about the Shaklee Compensation plan?

How to make money with Shaklee? Well, you can get some compensation plan from Shaklee based on these three main ways. Firstly, you can find some customers who want to buy Shaklee products and sell the products to them and earn the retail commission. Secondly, you can start with member recruitment to become a team member, or it is called downline. In this case, Shaklee will give you commissions when your downline members purchase Shaklee products. The more downline members you get, the more chance to get bigger compensation plan. Thirdly, You have a chance to get some bonuses when you get ranks advancements or when you help your team members to increase the ranks.

What are the good things about Shaklee?

Even though Shaklee offers a costly signup fee, but there are a few things that make you like Shaklee. What do we like about Shaklee? Here are a few good things about Shaklee review.

Shaklee has been running since many years ago

The first thing that we like about Shaklee is that this company has been running for 60 years ago. It belongs to one of the oldest MLM companies in the world. So, there is no reason for saying that this company is a scam because it will not be possible to survive for this long.

We can see so many fake MLM companies that cannot survive for more than 2 years. Or they probably offer real MLM business, but they do not have sound systems. Shaklee can survive for more than 50 years, which means that they can figure out any issues in their business.

Shaklee is also accredited with BBB

When you want to check an MLM company rating, you actually can count on BBB or Better Business Bureau. Well, if you check the Shaklee company, Shaklee is accredited with BBB with score A+ since 1965. BBB is one of the best ways to know if a company is legitimate or fake. Fortunately, Shaklee is a legit company which has a good score on BBB.

Shaklee has a useful tool and support

Shaklee has a different way to help their member to grow their business thanks to its excellent tool and support. Shaklee also becomes one of the MLM companies that would love to help their members, so their members become successful in the business. There are three types of supports that you will get, such as :

Live Events- it is true that Shaklee regularly organizes some regional and local meetings, corporate-sponsored training event, conference calls, and much more.

Sponsor Guidance- Like many legit MLM companies, Shaklee also offers Sponsor Guidance to help new members grow their business. This guidance is conducted by the direct upline or someone who brings you to join Shaklee.

Shaklee University- if you want to get knowledge about business strategy with Shaklee, then you can join Shaklee University which consists of a wide variety of business training materials for new members.

Shaklee offers a product-oriented system

Many MLM businesses give compensation plan only based on recruitment. But, Shaklee is not working like that. Most of the compensation plans you get from Shaklee is earned from the sales. In this case, you do not focus on selling business opportunity with Shaklee to others, but you tend to explain and sell the Shaklee products.

Shaklee produces environmental-friendly products

Indeed, you need to know if Shaklee products are suitable for consumption or not. Well. Shaklee indeed offers and sells environmental-friendly products to its customers. It does not lie, but it is based on real research. It is also known that this company has a certificate in offsetting carbon emission.

What are the terrible things about Shaklee?

Even though the Shaklee review shows a lot of advantages, there are also some disadvantages to choosing Shaklee. Some of the bad things about Shaklee are:

Shaklee offers too expensive signup fee

When you join Shaklee, you have to prepare some money at least $49.90. But, if you want to get additional training, you also need to buy the Gold Ambassador package which may cost about $599. It is quite expensive for a newbie who is just getting started with Shaklee.

Shaklee has a lot of competitors

For your information, Shaklee is not the only MLM company that sells nutritional supplements or health products. Some so many competitors also offer MLM programs too, such as Herbalife, Amway, Avon, and much more. So, it will be difficult for you to compete with them because these companies are also quite significant.

Shaklee offers too many products

It may confuse you where you have too many product options to promote. In this case, there are about 200 products which you have to promote or sell. It does not only make you confused, but your customers may also get confused to choose the right one.

Shaklee product prices are hidden

When you visit the Shaklee official site, you can see a lot of products, but you do not know the price tags. It means that Shaklee is not transparent, but you can only see the price tags if only you are a member and log in.

Finally, that’s all about Shaklee review which you probably want to know just in case you are looking the right business opportunity to earn money from an MLM program. Is Shaklee a legitimate MLM company? Well, we would say it, “yes, it is legit.” But, it does not mean that you are recommended to choose it because Shaklee MLM is quite expensive to afford. Anyway, it is all your decision whether you want to select Shaklee or choose other MLM companies.

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