Stream energy review – is Stream Energy review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Stream energy review – is Stream Energy review a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Welcome to our stream energy review! We are going to talk about the business opportunity offered by Stream Energy.

The best way to earn some profit while you do not have your products to sell is to sell other people’s products. Well, you can sell so many kinds of products worldwide from several companies which offer MLM programs. Multi-Level Marketing program gives you a chance to earn a lot of income without owning your products. This MLM program is basically like an affiliate marketing program that depends on your sale so that you will get the compensation plan. Talking about MLM business, now we are going to discuss Stream Energy review. Is Stream Energy review a scam or legit. You can find it more on this review.

What Is Stream Energy?

Before we check the business opportunity through this Stream Energy review, it can be vital for you to check what Stream Energy is. Well, Stream Energy is a big company which was first launched in 2005 to provide energy for the world.

Stream Energy only works in the USE, and it almost covers the entire states. Recently, Stream Energy has been expanding its coverage in Ohio. This $8 billion company has earned its profit in just nine states in the US, including Illinois, new jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Not only the energy, but Stream Energy company also sells a home and health care, protective service, and wireless service.

This company provides energy in the forms of gas and electricity. Meanwhile, for the Wireless services, you can get some services including unlimited talk, 4G LTE data speed, text and data, mobile hotspot, and Wifi call without a contract.

If you need a doctor, you can stream virtual medication to consult your doctor virtually within the uSE and board-certified doctors. So, you need to need to waste your time to wait for the queue, no co-pays, and then no stress. Though it is just a virtual consultation, Stream Energy provides qualified healthcare for everybody, and it is very easy.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to buy Home services, you can get digital voice service. It is reliable and not too cheap to provide better connectivity from your home to the office or everywhere.

Is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme?

When you hear of the MLM program, you may think of a pyramid scheme. Is Stream Energy belong to a pyramid scheme? Well, unlike other MLM programs, Stream Energy maybe not a pyramid scheme. When you join Stream Energy, you do not have to get income from your members below. In this case, you need to recruit people to join the company program, but you do not have to recruit people to earn compensation plan from the Stream Energy. When dealing with a pyramid scheme, you will only get paid if only your team members buy the products.

How to make money with Stream Energy?

Maybe, you wonder if you really can make money with Energy. Well, it is a great idea to join the business opportunity offered by Stream Energy. Stream Energy indeed provides a business opportunity to help the company sell its services all across the US. Anyway, this company offers a unique compensation plan.

The compensation plan is quite simple and comfortable where you only have to promote and sell the services of Stream Energy and get new customers. It is actually like an affiliate marketing where new customers can sign up for Stream Energy based on your recommendation. Once the customers purchase the services, then you will finally get the commissions.

There are three opportunity programs offered by the company, which includes Free Energy, Free Wireless, and Customer Plus.

Free Energy allows you to earn some money when you can share stream services with your family members and friends.

Free Wireless allows you to get a lot of monthly bonuses if only you can enroll new Stream wireless lines which reach up to $65 per month.

Customer Plus allows you to earn one time bonuses and significant income if you only can enroll customers for the residential energy wireless personally.

Well, you can get a lot of payment or income from the Stream Energy including the unlimited monthly salary, team bonuses, and personal customer bonus.

Somehow, those are only three opportunity programs which give a lot of bonuses for you. But you also need to check the compensation plan. There are four Stream compensation plans which you may get. Here are a few compensation plans that Stream Energy offers:

Immediate Income

If you want to get quick income, you have to enroll some customers and build your team. You have a chance to get bonuses every week.

Leadership Bonus

Secondly, you have the opportunity to earn leadership bonuses where you can get the bonus if you build your team and then help your team members get successful with Stream Energy business. When you can get 3 customers, you have a right to earn $100. But, if you can get 10 up to 15 customers, then you can get $500.


The incentive is a special bonus or reward that you can earn when you join Stream Energy program. In this case, the reward may be like additional income, cars, and trips. But, you have no idea when you will get an incentive because it also depends on your effort.

Monthly Earned Income

You will get monthly income if you already get some customers to use Stream Energy services. So, when the customers pay their monthly billings, you will also get the commission. The more members you get, the more income you earn.

Additional Bonuses

There are still many other bonuses that you can get when joining the program. These bonuses can be surprised bonuses that you do not know when you will get them. The bonuses consist of Mercedez Benz Car program, Tops Performers Tips, MEI bonus, Ignition Perks, Streamcation, and a travel stipend.

How much does Stream Energy cost?

You probably feel interested in the MLM program offered by Stream Energy. Well, you actually can join the Stream Energy program and then sell their services as your home-based business. However, it is not free to join this program because you also have to pay for the one-time signup fee as much as $ 299. It is not an option, but it is a must. Also, you can get Stream Marketing System subscription, but you also have to pay it for $24.95 per month. You are recommended to subscribe to the SMS just in case you are a new member because you can get a lot of important information about the program.

Do you need to recruit members? Well, we have mentioned that Stream Energy belongs to an MLM company. You can still have an option to recruit as many as people you can, and then you will get commissions from what they do. When we say that Stream is not a pyramid scheme, it is not always true because you still have this option.

In this case, you can build your own team and start earning money. When you can build a team with a lot of members, you have a chance to earn a lot of money too. At least, you have to recruit as many as 2 team members so that you can be a regional director. When you can recruit some people, you will start earning some bonus as much as $100 for the first recruit, second recruit, and the third recruit. But, if you can recruit more than 5 people, then you have a chance to get $500.

The amount of commission that you will get also depends on your team members. Maybe, you can check this following chart about the compensation plan you can get:


As you can see the chart above, you can be a leader of your team where you will get initial customers as many as 5 customers where you can earn a monthly income of about $2.50.

Then, you recruit four members for level 1 with 20 customers where you can earn monthly income as much as $5.00.

Next, you can recruit 16 members at the second level with 80 customers where you can earn monthly income as much as $40.00 per month.

After that, you can recruit as many as 64 members and get 320 customers where you can earn a monthly income of about $240.00.

Next, for level 4, you can recruit as many as 256 members and get 1280 customers where you can earn about $1280 per month.

Finally, you can recruit as many as 1024 members and get 5120 customers where you can earn monthly income as much as $10.240.

Well, those are a few levels that allow you to earn income depending on the members and the customers you get. You may think that it is very easy to get a lot of money, but the truth is not like that. It is not that easy, and you have to show your effort to make this amount of money. Reaching level 5 is almost possible, but when it is possible, it may take so long time.

Is Stream Energy a scam?

If you wonder whether Stream Energy is a scam or legitimate, then we would help you answer, “it is not a scam.” We tell you that Stream Energy is a big company that has been running for a few years ago and it already has a lot of customers across the US. When it is dealing with MLM program, Stream Energy also offers MLM program that allows you to get a commission when you can sell their service and products. Also, you can build your member and increase the numbers of your customers. Stream Energy is legitimate, and you can trust it. Just because it is legal, it does not mean that it is easy to earn good money from the program. The amount of money you will earn depends on your effort and the numbers of members and customers you get.

Do we recommend Stream Energy?

We want to tell the truth about Stream Energy, whether it is a good choice for you or not. Of course, you do not need to doubt that it is legit and you have a chance to earn a commission from this company.

However, we would like to say that earning good money from Stream Energy is not that easy. Maybe, you are interested in the compensation plan offered, but it is just a trick so that you join the program. Not to mention, most of the MLM programs are not easy because you have to compete with other people from different companies. You may get one or two members, but you cannot reach up to 100 members. You may earn monthly income as much as $4, but it is not easy to earn more than $1000.

In conclusion, is Stream Energy review a scam or legit? Now, we get the answer that Stream Energy is not a scam, and you can join the business opportunity to earn money. However, it is not easy to earn cash with Stream because you have to attract more people to become their customers or members. The compensation plan is indeed really huge, but you have to get a lot of members and customers to reach the top level. Somehow, you decide to join Stream Energy or not because we cannot force you to avoid it. We have no idea about its business prospect, whether it is an excellent choice to replace your job. It is all on your hand, but we want you to take it slow and observe more to understand how the system goes.

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