Super Affiliate Network – is Super Affiliate Network a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Super Affiliate Network – is Super Affiliate Network a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Welcome to our Super Affiliate network review!

We can say that affiliate marketing business is a kind of MLM program which is not easy to run. You do not need to produce your products to sell, but you can sell other people’s products. Affiliate marketing can be an excellent alternative to earn money, but it is not the best one. Talking about affiliate marketing, we would like to discuss Super Affiliate Network and find out if Super Affiliate Network is a scam or legit. So, keep reading, and you will know everything about it.

What is a Super Affiliate Network?

It is important to know what Super Affiliate Network is and how it can be your best business opportunity to earn money. Well, Super Affiliate marketing is a kind of program that has a purpose of helping internet marketer set up their affiliate marketing business through video training courses and community so that they can get profits from the business.

Super Affiliate Network is a top-rated affiliate marketing training course because Misha Wilson first launched it as an expert in the world of internet marketing who has the fastest growing traffic and also belongs to the youngest internet expert. Maybe, you are not familiar with this man, but you can find about him on the internet.

As it is mentioned, Misha Wilson is a guy who has smart thinking even though he is still young, but he can earn a lot of money on the internet, especially through some affiliate marketing programs. We can say that he is the expert of affiliate marketing, so he would love to share his success story by inviting you to join him.

Since he is a successful person in the world affiliate marketing business, he eventually decided to run his own company is 2015. It is now called the Super Affiliate Network. The company hopefully can help everybody interested in an affiliate marketing business get successful as what he made. Since the founder is a very great man, it may become a great business opportunity for you.

Still, you need to dig it up more to find the exact conclusion of whether this business opportunity is the best choice for you. We want to show a few things about this program before you join in. Is Super Affiliate Network a scam? Is it a kind of pyramid scheme?

How to join the Super Affiliate Network?

Somehow, you probably decide to join SAN, but you do not know how to get started with SAN. Well, if you want to join this company, you have to know that there are three main categories to become their member. It is also essential to know that SAN’s product line is all about upsell, courses, and membership. So, you have to become a member to start earning money from this program. Here are a few categories that you have to know:

SAN Basic Membership

The first membership is a kind of basic membership that is focusing only on a three-week boot camp course with essential affiliate marketing. How much does it cost? Well, if you choose this plan, you have to pay for $47 per month. But, if you skip the free trial for $1, then you only have to buy at $37 per month. Meanwhile, there are some essential topics that you will get, including the MindSet, Psychology, Email Marketing, List Building, Selling, and Automation.

When you choose this basic membership, you will get 21 modules. In this case, you will learn one module per day until 21 days. If you become part of this member, you also have a right to get a coach, especially if you are a beginner.

Once you complete the module, you also have to complete some quizzes where you also have to consult with your coach before continuing the second module to ensure that you already master it.

When you choose this basic membership, you will also get 2 upsells that you can buy, they are Super Affiliate Monthly Newsletter and Solo Ad Success Formula. The Super Affiliate Monthly Newsletter costs about $47 one time fee which consists of video update from Misha Wilson strategies while the Sold Ad Success Formula costs $97 one time fee which includes of in-depth course on email marketing strategy.

SAN Pro Membership

If you are not enough with the Basic, then you have a chance to upgrade it to SAN Pro Membership which costs about $2497 for a one-time fee. In this membership, you will get more advanced training, help, and support.

This is suitable for those who want to get better marketing funnels, strategy, sales letter, and much more. Also, you have a right to get weekly and monthly coaching and the private FB group to give you more support.

Maui Intensive Mentoring

The third membership goes to Maui Internship Mentoring, which costs about $12497 one time fee where you can join an exclusive 4-day mastermind event at Maui. In this case, you have a chance to get in touch directly with the team of Misha just in case you want to get further support to build your marketing funnels. It sounds amazing and promising, but if you see the pricing, it costs so much.

What are the pros and costs of Super Affiliate Network?

Of course, you can see a lot of benefits of joining Super Affiliate Network, but it does not always provide excellent benefits. There are still pros and cons that you may find on this program. Let us discuss the Super Affiliate Network pros and cons.

The Pros

Join Super Affiliate Network with $1 Trial

Well, the first thing that we like about SAN is because SAN offers a second trial. It is not a free trial, but it is quite cheap for only $1. In this case, you can try the SAN program for 30 days while you only pay it for $1. It is an excellent choice if you wonder how this system works and whether it works for you.

30 Day Better Than Money Back

If you join the basic membership, you have a chance to get trial for 30 days. However, the offer is even better than money-back guarantee because if you do not feel satisfied with the program on the basic membership, you will not only get your money back but you SAN will also pay you $100 to waste your time. Meanwhile, if you choose the Pro member, you will be paid as much as $1000 if you do not like SAN.

Though it seems promising, you still need to read the refund policy before you join this program. In this case, you are required to conduct some actions such as watching all videos, you also have to have 3 calls at least with the chosen coach, you have to complete the entire assignment, and keep documentation of any traffic campaign such as lead generation and ROI, vendor info, and cost.

Get Step By Step Course in Details

For beginners, it may be difficult to understand how affiliate marketing works and how to earn money from it. Fortunately, when you join the Super Affiliate Network, there is no such a difficult thing because you will get step by step course clearly and detailedly. They also provide you some modules that you can learn on different days.

Misha Wilson does exist

You have to know that many MLM businesses use an unreal person to attract people. However, if you join the Super Affiliate Network, you will see the real Misha Wilson. He is a real man who has built this program to help everybody understand all about affiliate marketing businesses. Also, Misha Wilson is already quite popular among internet marketers because he is one of the successful internet marketers in the world.

The Cons

SAN is a pyramid scheme business

The first thing that you may think twice before choosing Super Affiliate Network is due to the pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is the primary system of an MLM program. The SAN is part of a pyramid scheme even though it has a lot of in-depth training programs. In this case, you Wilson wants his members to promote SAN program and recruit some people to join the programs. Once you recruit some members, you will then earn the commission. If you do not sell SAN program, you will not get any commissions.

Moreover, you will only get the commission if only your member buys the same level membership. Otherwise, you will not earn a commission if your members sign up for the PRO membership using your affiliate link. So, it is recommended that you join the Pro membership either. But, this could be just a strategy from Wilson so that every member decides to upgrade to the Pro member, which is more expensive than the Basic one.

No websites but only email marketing

When you choose Super Affiliate Network, you will only get courses from the training, which only focuses on making affiliate sales through email marketing and generating traffic through Solo Ad. These are not bad methods, but you have to do it properly so that you can earn money. Still, it is not always effective to use Solo Ad because it depends on the target email list. Fortunately, SAN has no good technology to help users build their business sites.

Courses are locked until you finish the current course

You cannot go to the next course except you end the current course. Even though you are wondering how the future course sounds like, you cannot see it because it is still locked. You cannot skip the course before you really understand it. You will also get some quizzes to complete the current course so that you can continue to the next course.

SAN program is quite expensive to afford

Well, it is undeniable that you have to spend a lot of money to join the SAN program. When you choose the Basic plan, you have to pay for $47 per month. Or you can choose a one-time fee which is quite expensive where you have to pay as much as $2497 for the Pro membership. It is getting more expensive when you choose Maui program. So, you must think twice before you join this program unless you have a lot of money.

Is Super Affiliate Network a scam or legit?

Anyway, this is the most important question to answer. You know that Wilson is a real person and you should not doubt it. In this case, we would like to conclude that Super Affiliate Network is not a scam and it is legitimate. Just because it is not a scam, it does not mean that you are recommended to choose SAN. You must think twice before joining this program because you have to spend a lot of money to become a member. Also, Super Affiliate Network belongs to a pyramid scheme in which you will only get money if only you can recruit people. It is quite disappointing because if you are a basic member, you cannot earn from your member who upgrades to the Pro membership. In this case, you also need to upgrade to a Pro member so that you can earn from your member activities.

In summary, that’s all about Super Affiliate Network just in case you wonder if Super Affiliate Network is a scam or legit. We can say that SAN is a legit program that is developed by Wilson. So, you can trust this program if you want to get training or courses about affiliate marketing. But it is quite expensive to join this training program. Also, if you want to earn money from it, you have to recruit new members to join the SAN.

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