Survey Voices – is Survey Voices a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Survey Voices – is Survey Voices a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

The easiest way to earn money online is to take some surveys online. However, it is not that easy because there are so many fake survey companies that only will waste your time. Somehow, you have to be careful in choosing a survey provider online. Perhaps, it looks so attractive, but you have no idea whether it is a scam or legit. So, it is necessary to read some review related to the online survey, Talking about online survey programs, you may want to know if Survey Voices is a scam or legit. Through this review, we would like to share with you about Survey Voices and how this company can give you a big business opportunity.

What is Survey Voices?

As it is mentioned, there are so many online survey providers that you can find on the internet. Survey Voices is one of the online survey providers. It belongs to a paid survey website which connects you to other survey websites just like Panel Payday and Survey Compare. These survey sites do not belong to online survey sites, but they only provide some additional survey sites randomly. Like Survey Voices, you can take so many online surveys from many sources. But, you do not know if the survey sites are legit or not.

Speaking of Survey Voices, this survey site was first released by Matthew Conlin since 2011 in White Plains New York. Reward Zone USA currently owns it. It is known that Survey Voices becomes one of the growing survey sites that does not have a quite good reputation because it has sent so many internet users to scam offers such as fake gift cars or free iPhones. Meanwhile, your data will be collected to the system, which can be dangerous for you.

Who are the target markets of Survey Voices?

Well, the Survey Voices can be accessed by everyone who has no job and needs money effortlessly online. It is also accessed by those who need a few extra incomes while having fun. Most of the survey companies do not charge users to join the survey because they will pay the users. So, you can freely sign up as you wish without worrying about losing some money.

However, an online survey is not an excellent way to earn a lot of money as you make money in real life. An online survey is only suitable for fun, but you should not expect much to earn money from it. It can be wasting your time because you cannot even make one buck in one day. So, it is a kind of difficult way to earn money. If you do not want to waste your time, it is better than you find other ways to earn money online. But, if you still want to join Survey Voices, it is all your decision, and we would like to explain it more about it in this review. Hopefully, this information can help you decide if you want to earn money online.

How does Survey Voices work?

Do you want to join Survey Voices? You can join this survey online, but you need to sign up for Survey Voices first. You can visit the official Survey Voices website, and then you can create your account. You need to fill the address, city, state, and phone number. It is not a good idea to type your phone number because it may spam you with SMS or calls.

After you create your account, then you become a member of Survey Voices. Next, you will get so many survey websites to get some rewards like mobile phones or money. However, the compensation offered depends on the requirement provided by the website. Each site has its reward, and you also have no idea whether the survey websites provided are legitimate or scam. There are probably some legitimate survey providers like Swagbucks, but others may be fake. So, it is better than you do some observations to find out if the websites are real or fake. Otherwise, it will just waste your time.

If you think twice, then you should ask yourself why someone wants to give you a free reward by taking surveys. You should find out the reasons before you get scammed.

What are the rewards of Survey Voices?

As mentioned above, Survey Voices does not provide their survey, but they only give some survey websites that you can take. So, what do they offer as a reward? The reward of the study consists of free products and money. Survey Voices provides random survey sites with random prizes like $1000 gift cards and iPhones.

Somehow, if you install an antivirus on your PC, some of the websites will be automatically blocked. But, if you do not use an antivirus, you may get through and take the surveys. In this case, you still have to sign up for free trials and subscribe to some programs, but you need to enter your card credit card number. Once the free trial ends, you will be charged. You actually can cancel the subscription, but it is not that easy though.

It is not the more significant issue, while you still have other bigger problems. For instance, when you want to claim your reward, you may be asked if you have a driver’s license or bank statement. Some websites also ask about the tax forms and signature. It is a kind of identity theft which is considered as a dangerous activity. You should not provide your personal information because you have no idea if you really will get the rewards.

In some cases, there are a lot of people who access Surve Voices complain about the survey because they do not even earn anything. You may also need to contact the Survey Voice team just in case you have some issues. According to BBB, Survey Voices is a good company with a good reputation, but why are there so many complaints?

Is Survey Voices a scam or legit?

Now, we go to the most important thing about the discussion. Is it legit? No matter how you always need to check the status of the survey providers so that you do not waste your money. When you ask about Survey Voice, we would answer that it is not a scam. It is a legitimate survey provider because this site provides some other survey websites which belong to a legit site or a scam website. You may get one or two legit survey sites, but you may also get one or two scams. When you access some of these survey sites, you also have to be careful because some of the sites may belong to malware that can embed viruses in your computer. Also, you will also get spam emails and spam phone calls. Some Survey Voices users complain about these issues.

Since Survey Voices do not work with those survey sites, so they may not take any responsibility for it. Survey Voices will earn a bad reputation due to these issues until finally, nobody trusts it anymore, and they consider it as a scam. We can say that Survey Voices is not a scam because there are still some real survey sites that have some real offers. It is a kind of random online survey that can be good for earning a reward or can be dangerous due to the scam.

How much will you earn from Survey Voices?

When you join Survey Voices, you will be referred to other random survey programs, but they do not belong to Survey Voices. So, there is no fixed earning or reward to get because it all depends on the survey site offers. Some survey sites may give you $100 because you have shared your opinion while the other sites only give you points which you need to redeem so that you can withdraw it. You may have a chance to get hundreds of dollars, but it is not that fast, and it takes a lot of time. Eventually, you will feel bored to take a survey every day, and you do not get paid anything.

Sometimes, you will get the rewards because of some conditions such as you do not qualify to take the survey due to the location or the survey is already finished or already meets the quota. You will not get paid even you answers so many survey questions.

Some survey sites also provide minimum payouts. In this case, you will not get paid until you collect some points and reach the ends. You cannot redeem the points because it still does not reach the minimum. If you quit while you do not enough points, then you will not get the rewards. It is not easy to reach the minimum payouts. It can even take months to earn ten dollars. However, not all of the surveys have these conditions, but you still have to pay attention to it, and you should prepare before taking the survey.

Are there complaints about using Survey Voices?

Every business always has complaints, including the Survey Voices. There are indeed so many Survey Voices members who complain because they do not even earn a single dollar. Some of these people also complain due to constant spam, sharing too much personal info, wasting time, and no pay. You can consider these complaints, but it does not mean that Survey Voices is a scam.

What are the good things about Survey Voices?

Now, we are going to talk about the advantages of using Survey Voices. Even though there are so many people who say that Survey Voices is a scam, but there are a few good things to know. Some of the good things are:

  • It provides a lot of survey sites, so you have a chance to earn a lot of rewards
  • Suppose you know that the survey sites are not scams, you can earn real rewards.
  • Some survey sites offer simple survey programs so you can earn rewards quickly
  • It is totally free to join Survey Voices
  • You can take the surveys as many as you want

What are the bad things about using Survey Voices?

Even though you can see some advantages of accessing Survey Voices, you also have to know that Survey Voices also has some cons. You probably do not like joining Survey Voices because of these following reasons:

  • You may not get a lot of rewards
  • There is no such passive income potential
  • Some of the survey sites are scams
  • You may get hacked because choosing wrong survey programs
  • You need to enter your personal information while you have no idea the organizations
  • It is not good to earn online income

In summary, is Survey Voices a scam? Well, we may consider it as a legitimate website, but it also consists of scams. Survey Voices itself does not provide their own surveys, but they only collect some survey programs from other sites. It means that some of the sites may be scams that do not really give money. However, there are also some survey websites that offer a real reward. In this case, you have to observe or read some reviews to know if it is a scam or not. Even though it is not a scam, it does not mean that taking an online survey is not an excellent way to earn a lot of money. It is not easy to earn one buck. In some cases, the survey sites require you minimum payout where you cannot redeem it before you reach the minimum payout. So, it is your decision whether you want to join Survey Voices, which is basically not the best way to earn money online or you can choose other online businesses that are more promising.

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