Thrive MLM – is Thrive MLM a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

Thrive MLM – is Thrive MLM a scam or legit?. Click here to learn more

MLM business is quite popular among people, and it has been available since many years ago. Today, this MLM business is still favored by some people. Even they know they can become an MLM program online. However, MLM is not a great choice to earn money if you do not succeed. In a certain case, if you can recruit so many people and sell many products, you will earn so many profits. Talking about MLM program, we are going to review Thrive MLM and find out if it is legit or a scam.

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a brand name which produces and sells health and wellness products. It is just similar to many other MLM companies that sell health and supplement products. Thrive is very popular for its Le-Vel name. This company also opens a business opportunity for those who want to earn money from this program. In this case, you have to promote the Thrive products with its essence of the tree step eight week premium plan. Thrive sells supplement products for a healthy life. Here are a few products which are available for sale:

  • Anti-aging products
  • Joint and Muscle care
  • Improved digestions
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Weight Management

Those are a few product categories that you will deal with and focus on where you have to promote these products and sells them to others to earn a commission. Certainly, you need to persuade your customers so that they will be interested in buying the products.

What are the significant product variants?

Well, when you decide to join the Le-Vel Thrive company, it means that you are ready to promote their products to others. But, how can you promote the products while you do not know the products? So, it is important to check the significant products of Thrive which comes with various forms including vitamins, herbal extracts, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidant,s probiotics, enzymes, and much more. You have a capsule and lifestyle shake mix that you need to promote and sell while it also comes with various applications:

  • Thrive-M which belongs to supplement products that have been formulated specifically for male. The products consist of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, extracts, and antioxidants, which can improve men’s overall health, daily lifestyle, and digestive system.
  • Thrive-W which belongs to some capsule products that are particularly formulated for women related to the hormonal and specific metabolic predisposition. The products are beneficial for a female to get a better healthy lifestyle.
  • Thrive Lifestyle Mix is a kind of ultra micronize mix which is formulated for everybody, and it comes with a shake. The taste of this shake is vanilla with no gluten, so it is suitable for anybody who wants to get better fitness and everyday’s health.
  • Thrive Lifestyle DFT is a kind of skincare product which is suitable for men and women who want to have healthy and soft skin.

Those are a few significant products along with the benefits. Meanwhile, the manufacturer recommends the consumers to combine some capsules so that they can get the best result. Well, it is a strategy so that the people would buy a wide variety of Thrive products.

Are there Thrive promotions and packages?

Anyway, talking about health supplement products, you probably want to know if Thrive has special packages to promote. There are three packages which you need to encourage, including:

Lifestyle Pack- The price of this package is about $100, which is good for those who will join this program for the first time. It offers 4-week minimum experience with enough quantity.

Tone Pack- this package is priced at $140, and it is suitable for those who want to build lean muscle or want more efficient weight management.

Couples Pack- this package is priced at $200 and more which is enough for four weeks program, either for women and men.

For your information, when you get customers, and they would take this program, they will get a shipment for the next month just in case they do not refuse it. I

How to make money with Thrive?

You probably want to join Thrive MLM and earn some commissions. So, it is crucial for you to know the rewards and compensation plan. This is the most important thing to know because you should not join this program if it cannot really give you some good money. Hopefully, this information will be useful so that you know if this program is suitable for you. Read these following compensation plans and reward systems offered by Thrive MLM:

Retail Sales

You can join Thrive and become their brand promoter. In this case, you have a right to earn 20% of the product price when your customers buy Thrive products from you. It gives you a chance to recruit some people to build your own pyramid scheme system where you will have a chance to earn a commission from every purchase of your team member’s customers, respectively 12%, 4%, and 4%.

Vanishing AutoShip

You also have a right to get a commission when you can get two personal customers who become the members of auto-ship. In this case, when you get the highest auto-ship two customers, you will get a Thrive credit for every product purchased. This does not only work to promoting, but a customer may also get this credit when he or she can refer people to buy the products.

Infinity Fast Start

When you finally can build your own team, you have a chance to earn infinity fast start compensation plan when your member conducts the promoter upgrade. This compensation plan is in the form of bonuses, which are divided into four types, and they are necessary, started, promoter, and VIP. In this case, you will earn $15 from basic, $30 from Starter, $80 from Promoter, and $140 from VIP on the first level. You may also have 4 levels where you can get unlimited width.

Infinity Fast Start Match

This a kind of additional bonus which allows you to get 10% bonus on the infinity fast start bonus that you get from the customers whom you have referred to as a promoter, but it only works on the first level of your team.

Accelerator Bonus

Another bonus that allows you to earn 20% of the bonus is the accelerator bonus just in case you finally can reach the 4000 VIP rank or higher on the first level. But, you need to get at least eight active and qualified promoters to join the program.

Well, those are a few compensation plans and rewards that you can earn when you join Thrive MLM. But, it is not that easy, just like other MLM programs. If you decide to take this business opportunity, you can sign up for Thrive and become the brand promoter. If you can get a PV of 100 sold units, then you will be an active qualified promoter. Then, you will begin to earn some commission, bonuses, and other promotions.

What are the good things about Thrive?

Talking about the MLM business, there must be some pros and cons. We are going to check the pros first so that you know whether Thrive is a good choice to earn money. Here are a few good things about Le-Vel Thrive:

Thrive is accredited with BBB

When you want to check the credibility and quality of a company, you may need to check the BBB accreditation score. This is a good thing for you because Thrive has an A+ on BBB. Also, this company also has been running since 6 years ago.

Thrive offers good health products

Even though Thrive is the only company that sells healthy supplement products, Thrive still becomes the best one because it offers a wide variety of products for men and women. When you join Thrive, you also have a chance to get retail prices.

Thrive products are not that expensive

Thrive sells a wide variety of products, but you also do not need to worry about the price because Thrive product prices are not too expensive. You can buy so many Thrive products as you wish and get special prices of active members.

Are there complains after joining Thrive?

We cannot say that Thrive is the best way to earn money because there must be some complaints from their customers or promoters. Basically, Thrive is no different from other MLM companies with some pros and cons. So, before you join the Thrive, you probably want to check some complaints from their users.

Thrive belongs to a Pyramid Scheme

Well, it is undeniable that most MLM companies always use pyramid scheme system. This system is commonly used on MLM program where you are required to recruit people to become your team member. As it is mentioned, you have to build your own tree where you have some members under your leadership. There is no wrong with pyramid scheme because some of the promoters can every succeed to become rich promoters. Sometimes, it is very difficult to build our own team because there are so many people who reject you.

Thrive hide the compensation plan

When you join Thrive, you probably will never know how much exactly you will earn from this business opportunity. Basically, you cannot find some information about the compensation plan on its official website, but you may hear it from some of the successful promoters. In this case, we can say that Thrive is not quite transparent in term of the compensation plan. Some promoters say that you can earn up to 20%, but this is only an assumption with no clear sales.

Is Thrive a scam or legit?

After reading some explanation above, you still wonder if Thrive is a scam or a legit MLM company. We can say that Thrive is truly legit, and it is not a scam at all. So, you can trust Thrive as your business partner if you want to join the business opportunity. Still, you need to pay attention to the program because it belongs to a pyramid scheme system. It means that you will only get commissions if you can promote and sell their products and then recruit some people. Anyway, it is not easy to get some members. Also, the commission you earn is not good enough. Somehow, Thrive is already accredited with BBB, which means that Thrive is quite popular among the people today.

Do we recommend you to try Thrive?

We cannot recommend you to try Thrive as your business opportunity, but you have your own right and decision. You can try the Thrive if you do not care about the pyramid scheme. If you know how MLM business works and you know how you can succeed with it, then you can take it. You can join to become a Thrive promoter. You can recruit a lot of people and build your own tree despite it is not that easy. If you cannot recruit people, you can just sell the Thrive products and earn 20% of the product prices.

In summary, is Thrive a scam? We know that Thrive is a legitimate company that also offers MLM program for those who want to become their promoters to earn commissions. Just like other MLM companies, you have to recruit people to become members. The more members you get, the more income you earn. It all depends on your effort, and you can only earn compensation plan if you become a qualified and active promoter. There is always a chance to get successful with Thrive MLM, but you have no idea if you will make it or not. As we know that there are so many promoters who have failed to make money with Thrive until finally, they quitted. Now, it is your turn to become their promoters and show your capabilities.


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